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Horror: Investigation Shows FDA Used Taxpayer Funds To Purchase Aborted Baby Tissue For ‘Humanized Mice’

Judicial Watch, a citizen-led government watchdog group report on news that is sure to upset a large portion of Americans who do not support abortion, that the Federal Government found a new way to enrich the abortion industry with taxpayer money.

“Judicial Watch Obtains Additional Records of FDA Purchases of Fetal Tissue for ‘Humanized Mice’ Project; Agency Wanted ‘Fresh, Shipped on Wet Ice’ Fetal Organs,” a recent JW press release read.


In their press release, Judicial Watch wrote:

ABR, a nonprofit, human fetal tissue “procurement” firm, has been the subject of criminal referrals from both U.S. House and Senate committees investigating human fetal tissue trafficking and whether Planned Parenthood or any other entity was illegally profiting from transfers of organs harvested from aborted human fetuses.  Federal law regulates the purchase and acceptance of human fetal tissue for research purposes.  It is unlawful to “acquire, receive, or otherwise transfer any human fetal tissue for valuable consideration if the transfer affects interstate commerce.”

The records include the following communications between ABR procurement manager Perrin Larton and FDA research veterinary medical official Dr. Kristina Howard between January 2011 and April 2018:

Howard’s September 27, 2012, application sent to Larton indicating that ABR would be paid $12,000 upfront for “tissue purchases.”  The contract provided for the provision of human fetal tissue with a gestational age of 16 to 24 weeks, including “One set of tissue (thymus/liver) approx. twice monthly.”  It was to be shipped “Fresh; shipped on wet ice.”

Howard’s May 10, 2012, email to Larton bearing the subject line “Tissue Delivery” and saying, “Just wanted to follow up with you regarding the tissue deliveries.  We have three batches of mice that still need to be humanized, so please keep us on the schedule every week until we manage to receive three sets of tissue.”

Howard’s October 17, 2012, email to Larton about the gender of an aborted fetus from which an organ was harvested:  “I wanted to check with your records on the sex of the tissue we received today.  It was Liver #4505.”  Larton responded, “The techs were not able to identify the gender.  We only check external genitalia and if it’s not there … due to the nature of the termination procedure… we have no way of telling.”  Howard replied, “Thank you for explaining that to me.  I have some leftover cells to sex it.”

May 9, 2013, email exchange in which Howard complained to Larton about FedEx x-raying the packages in which fetal organs had been shipped.  Howard wrote, “Our package was x-rayed and the tissues could not be used.”  Larton responded, “DAMN … they were wonderful tissues.  I procured them!  I’m training a new tech in Minneapolis and I told her how important it is to put the DO NOT X-RAY stickers on the package.  Of course, if you have an IMBECILE on the FedEx side … but then, now it’s a moot point.”  Howard replied, “Yes, we were absolutely heartbroken.  They were beautiful tissues and to lose them like that was awful.”

Please visit Judicial Watch for the rest of the story.

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