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Horrifying Video Shows Daycare Workers Terrorizing Children for Amusement

This week, a horrific video showing adults terrorizing a group of toddlers at a daycare facility in Hamilton, Mississippi, went viral, igniting a furious outcry both online and in the neighborhood.

The video, which was apparently captured on Tuesday, October 4th, shows a number of employees from ‘Lil’ Blessings Daycare’ gathering around a group of extremely young children while they are eating their snack.

The toddlers are shocked when one of the staff members enters the room wearing a “Scream” Halloween mask and starts screaming in their faces while traumatizing them. The children cry and scream in terror.

The masked childcare worker carefully round the table, pausing at each kid individually for maximum horror.

The worker keeps going even though it’s clear the children are clearly being terrorized and traumatized. You can even hear at least one other employee laughing at the incident.

Allie Beth Stuckley asked, “What is WRONG with people? I will never understand sick adults who get off on terrorizing children. It’s not funny or cute. It’s hateful and perverse and they should never be allowed to work with kids again”

It’s not possible that I would be able to agree with her any more on this. This is one of the worst things that I’ve ever seen someone do to children for their own entertainment. This is some seriously twisted and evil stuff!

This is a result of decreasing morals in people as well as a decrease in common sense. Here’s a question I have: How is it that these folks were even permitted to watch kids in the first place? Was it really not apparent enough in their interview and background check? Were there no red flags?

According to WTVA,

“The owner said a similar incident was also recorded in September, but the owner said she was not made aware of the incidents until the video surfaced this week on social media.

The owner did confirm four employees have been fired as a result.”

The employees have been fired and the daycare is being reviewed. We will see if lawsuits are filed in the future.

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