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Hope Rising: “Donald Trump is the Change for us, for the People”, says Young Black Resident of Delaware

There is no question that the Black vote is being sought by both the Republican and the Democrat sides of the aisle in the 2020 Presidential election like never before. A huge part of President Donald J. Trump’s agenda has always been to build prosperity in the depleted Democrat-held towns and states, where he feels that Black Americans could use a dose of jobs and free enterprise opportunities.

Recently a video went viral of a young black man and supporter of Trump’s who claims to be a resident of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s hometown of Wilmington, Del., says in a viral video he’s never seen the former vice president and long-serving U.S. senator in his neighborhood.

It is noteworthy because this man is saying the exact opposite is true, of what the Democrats insist they are doing with their government authority and power- that they are caring the Black Communities and driving resources and assistance to the people there, who do not seem to share in the same quality of life as other Americans.

Gone are the grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants and small shops from the Urban areas. Gone are the entry-level jobs, after school jobs, and safety for single women and children.

Under Democrat control, it looks as if many Americans in Black communities could be doing a whole lot better than they have been. That is what the man in a car, in Joe Bidden’s own state said.

“Joe Biden doesn’t do nothing here,” the man says as he leans out of a car window, adding that he lives on “East 28th street right across from the projects.


“I have never seen Joe Biden here, never. I live right across from the projects, never, it is all lies. He has never been to Delaware and Trump has been there for 4 years, and he is cleaning up their mess, they are politicians, the man said. “Donald Trump is the change, that is what people need to know.”

According to Senior Trump advisor, Jason Miller, the man in the video is absolutely right. That is Trump’s plan.


According to a statement Trump released on Sunday about his 2nd term priorities on the economy:

  • Create 10 million new jobs over 10 months.
  • Create 1 million new small businesses.
  • Reduce taxes so workers have larger take-home pay and jobs are kept in the US.
  • Strike new trade deals that preserve American jobs.


Support from Black voters, who the Democrats claim would never consider voting for a Republican, has grown significantly. Evidence of supporters, with strong opinions and reasons for their support is mainstream now.

Black American voters are far more active in political events than ever before.



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