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Hollywood Star, Rose McGowan’s Top Twitter Hits Include, “DNC, You are the Season of Darkness”and an “F-Bomb”

Rose McGowan is a Hollywood actress, but she is not playing around on Twitter with her posts that expose Hollywood’s most dedicated Marxists and she is not afraid of hanging out their dirty laundry either.

Most noteworthy on her timeline is a tweet to the Democrat National Convention, in General and to Democrat Presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

She calls them monsters, frauds and lies.

McGowan makes a point in her tweets that she is not a supporter of President Donald J. Trump, she is a liberal, but apparently she is not a far-left liberal. She doesn’t like the Democrat Party, Joe Biden or White feminists.

She doesn’t like men she believes have sexually harassed a woman, or bombing people and she doesn’t support Prisons being privatized. She is a terrible Democrat, she literally does not support anything the Democrat Party supports.

McGowan made a video talking about her former co-star far radical leftist and Community Organizer, Alyssa Milano exposing Milano’s deep Marxist ties and temper tantrums when at work.

In the video, McGowan said that she is not afraid Milano and she understands the background of the actress/Community Organizer who is associated with a group called a radical far-left group called, “Times Up”.
I have covered the interworkings of Times Up PR firm in numerous articles, how they are related to a Communist Agent and how they influence Media for the Democrats, how they are related to Kamala Harris and her race hoxes, how they are a grassroots marketing platform for the left.

Rose McGowan gives them a throat punch, exposing how Times Up is deeply rooted in the Marxist organizing activities of Hollywood’s “A-listers”

Recently McGowan went in for another smackdown on Milano, the elite Hollywood activist who denounces the supporters of President Trump constantly on her social media, and who was instrumental in the harassment of Justice Bret Kavanaugh at his 2018 Supreme Court Senate confirmation.

McGowan wrote her opinion of the Democrat party on Thursday and quickly a far-left radical Community Organizer/actress responded about her support of the Democrat party, which resulted in an “F-Bomb” from McGown, showing zero respect for the former starlet, Patricia Arquette.

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