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Hollywood Leftist Hack Rob Reiner Tweets Out on April Fools Day A Message of Gratitude For the Joe Biden Presidency and He Wasn’t Kidding

On Friday, loud-mouthed Hollywood liberal has been Rob Reiner, a.k.a. The Meathead, took to social media to declare that the time is overdue to recognize the “success of Joe Biden’s Presidency.”

“It’s long past time that we acknowledge the sure handed, effective, grace under fire, success of Joe Biden’s Presidency.”

Outside of the double-digit IQ leftists in that tiny 8% group of Twitter users, the ones who cause all the problems, most people who saw the tweet thought The Meathead was joking around. I mean, it was April Fools’ Day after all. But, they don’t know The Meathead.

There are many Americans who take umbrage at such a statement as they are going through real financial trouble due to the costs of skyrocketing inflation and gas prices at the pump. Americans know it was all done by Joe Biden. Intentionally or not, Joe Biden’s policies have brought millions of Americans to their knees as our economy is crumbling.

As of Friday, the national average cost for a gallon of unleaded regular gas was $4.22. Gasoline costs are one of those things that has an immediate effect on a family. When oil/gas prices shoot up, many middle-class families have to make new choices they didn’t expect. Can we take the kids to the movies this weekend or do we have to buy gas to go to work? Can we go on vacation this year or do we heat our home? Do we even have enough to buy gas or do we go on the dreaded public transit system?

The Meathead was a ferocious hater of former President Donald Trump. Nothing Trump did was right, according to Reiner. Getting us to the point where we were the top exporter of oil and gas in the world was a horrible thing to people of Reiner’s caliber. The Meathead blamed Trump for every COVID death but not one COVID death under Biden, and more died on Biden’s watch than Trump’s.

Rich liberal Hollywood hacks like Reiner are not affected by inflation and high gas prices, so they act as if everything is fine in the world. Things are so bad right now, and all thanks to the policy decisions of Joe Biden, that one has to conclude that either Reiner is pulling an April Fools Day joke, or he really is still The Meathead.

Forget inflation. We haven’t even been hit yet with the rising cost of products most Americans buy to live their lives due to the oil prices soaring. Everything plastic is made from oil. So it will cost more to manufacture products made from oil, and then add the extra costs of having the products delivered because trucks, planes, and ships use gas and oil to deliver them. Americans are in for a very rude awakening very soon.

The only good thing that could come out of all of this misery brought on by the Democrats is that they will probably get destroyed in the 2022 midterm elections. I know Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) has said that many Republicans in the House are now onboard with filing articles of impeachment against Biden for the many horrific things he has done so far.

Some Twitter users responded to Reiner’s post.

#ThePersistence, a well-known America First Trump supporter on social media, called it what many people thought it was; a joke.

“This is a great April Fools’ Day tweet.”

Monica Crowley also responded to Reiner’s tweet.

“Classic April Fool!” I think she was talking about Reiner and not his tweet.

“Say you’re out of touch without saying you’re out of touch.”

Steve Deace of Blaze TV responded, “You have to be smoking Hunter Biden levels of crack to believe this.”

Catturd replied, “So you’re one of the 32% who still support this train wreck?”

“He is from Hollywood, he probably thinks Will Smith was heroic for protecting his wife’s honor”

“Train wreck?? It’s a complete radioactive disaster,leaving behind a trail of death and destruction!!!”

“Evidently, Reiner is the product of North Korean indoctrination. Facts don’t exist.”

If Rob Reiner had shit for brains, it would be a VAST improvement. Clearly, he needs a mental health evaluation. #blesshisheartandhistinybrain


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