A leading radical feminist, Oprah Winfrey has a leading magazine for feminists that apparently had a long and very public campaign of sexual harassment against its employees, and the radical left, feminist, social justice warriors have almost completely ignored it all.

Perhaps the reason it is being ignored is that the feminist magazine is taking a bold new stand for Black Lives Matter.

Numerous news sources are reporting that Oprah Magazine will have its final run in December after 20 years a large readership because they have a sexual harassment problem.

RedState reported:

Last week, The New York Times reported that company president Troy Young had faced complaints for his “lewd, sexist remarks at work.” Young, despite calling the allegations “either untrue, greatly exaggerated or taken out of context,” resigned from his position on Thursday.

Reaction on Socia Media:

But where are the women’s marches and hashtag activism? The leftward leaning NYT reported on the of long history sexual harassment by a White man, however, there is no collective violent reaction by any Community Organizers or Social Justice Warriors, proving they march when ordered to march, they are not guided by an ideology of equality or fairness.

Young is white. There are no screams of racism, sexism and feminist Oprah knew of the long history and did nothing, proving the feminist left is led by their feelings about their idols and not by any sort of ideology of equality.

The New York Times reported, “At Cosmopolitan staff meetings, workers complain of discrimination and tokenism. Former employees say the Hearst Magazines president, Troy Young, made sexually offensive remarks.”

This has been ongoing for a long time, why are they just now uncovering what they ignored for so long?

Young apologized in a statement and said his behavior was “not who he is, as a person”. That has been enough to defuse many feminists, so they can concentrate on other social justice movements like defunding the police for Urban families and children, calling themselves Black Lives Matter.

Perhaps Yong was finally forced out just in time for a new brand:

The magazine has taken on a new radicalism for their final months, they will boldly push Black Lives Matter:

RedState has a great article for more details about the Sexual Harassment claims:


Oprah’s ‘O’ Magazine Calling It Quits on Print in Wake of Sexual Harassment Claim Against Exec