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Historic Loss of Power for Terrorist Group Hezbollah, ME Analyst see Potential Communist Party Making Power Grab

A massive explosion in Beirut exposed the world to the brutality of a terrorist organization named Hezbollah, against their own people in the country of Lebanon, where not everyone three is supportive of the Iran backed regime to dictate local politics and world affairs.

Video went viral of a deadly explosion in a building that is rumored to be a Hezbollah owned weapons storehouse.

“Hezbollah is not a normal political actor in Lebanon. It is not as bad as the others. It is uniquely powerful and dangerous. It now protects the political order in Lebanon, which must be confronted as a whole,” wrote Emile Hokayem a Middle Eastern Analyst with IISS News.

Hezbollah is unique because it sits (like everyone else) within and (like no one else) above the (quasi non-)state that is Lebanon. It is an actor with regional ambitions, whose might and resources come from outside. Who else is that, does that?” Hokayem wrote.

The explosion complicated already felt tensions in the region.

Video of the massive explosion:


Immediately locals pointed the finger to Iran backed Terrorist group Hezbollah, who has a controlling political and legal authority in Lebanon over the past 30 years, which is not desired by all people in Lebanon, causing an uprising in the streets in retaliation, where the Lebanese army clashed with the people.

One Lebanese analyst wrote a lengthy thread of information on Twitter of his projections and understanding of the future of Hezbollah in Lebanon and his concerns for a power vacuum that is being created there now.

Reuters reported Friday, “Hezbollah’s leader on Friday denied accusations that his Iran-backed movement has arms warehoused at Beirut port, calling for an investigation into the biggest explosion to hit the Lebanese capital.”

However, reports that Hezbollah is, in fact, responsible for the massive explosion has ignited the public to again rise up against the Lebanese government.

Says @Levitt_Matt The creator of the interactive digital map, that the map exposes the little-known fact that, in 2010, Hezbollah stored quantities of ammonium nitrate intended for making explosives in a house bought by a Lebanese-French university professor who is currently under trial.”

Rumors circulated that the leader fled to Iran, and combined with a populist uprising in the streets calling for a change in government creates an opportunity for even bigger problems.

Other Middle East analysts fear the Chinese Communist Party is making a power play because of their access to the port where the explosion happened, and the race of nations like France and Turkey, to rebuild the port and the potential for building political dominance, and management of natural resources in the region.

This story is developing…

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