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Hillary’s Attorney ‘Operated’ an FBI Office at Law Firm, But Wait, It Gets Worse

Why did the FBI have an office inside Perkins Coie since 2012?

As time goes on, we realize that even though we knew that Democrats were playing dirty, we never knew just how truly dirty they were. Each day we learn more about what went on during the 2020 election. The Perkins Coie law firm had two lawyers working for them that serviced both Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Michael Sussmann and Democratic fixer Marc Elias. We now know that they had set aside office space for the FBI.

Now, why would the FBI have offices inside an obviously biased law firm that worked exclusively for one party, including the ever-corrupt Hillary Clinton? Perhaps, it’s because the one thing they have in common is that they are both married to the Democratic party. Surely, Christopher Wray knows that this is improper, but of course, he knows that, he just didn’t care. It was just convenient for the two wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Democratic party to remain close so that it would be easier to coordinate their attacks on the opposition party.

Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Matt Gaetz (R-Fla) say a whistleblower informed them that Perkins Coie, which counted Hillary Clinton and the DNC as major clients had this space set aside in their offices, to basically provide a field office from which to operate against President Trump and the Republican party. Now, they are asking the FBI the reason for this cozy relationship. They know the answer, they just want to put Perkins Coie and the FBI on the spot.

From PJ Media

There could be a simple (cough) explanation to which the proletariat are not privy on why the FBI would have an outpost there, but Gaetz has a few questions. In an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (see video below) Gaetz wondered, “What reason would there be for that? What leverage would the Perkins law firm have over the FBI given this work they’re doing together? Why would [FBI Director] Christopher Wray allow it to continue?”

But wait, there’s one more question: “Why … [was] the person on behalf of Perkins Coie operating that worksite Michael Sussmann himself [for the past 12 months]?”

Gaetz says former federal prosecutors with whom he has spoken have never heard of such a setup, especially for what he called “an election attorney.” “Why would an election lawyer be operating a facility in this way?”

While Sussmann is an election attorney, he also specializes in cyber security, but it still doesn’t explain why the FBI office space is “operated” by him. And Sussmann also has as one of his clients another man being looked at by Durham, federal cyber security contractor Rodney Joffe.

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