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HILARIOUS: Texas House Democrats Claim They’ve Been ‘Deprived of Liberty’ in Lawsuit Against Gov. Greg Abbott

I really don’t know how best to describe the actions of the Texas Democrats who fled to Washington in order to keep from doing their duty to the state. Are they more comical or more pathetic or are they just comically pathetic? They have filed a lawsuit against Texas Gov Greg Abbott claiming that he “deprived them of their liberty.”

How did he do that? By calling a special session of the legislature so they could fulfill their obligation to the public.

Almost two dozen Democrats filed a lawsuit against Gov. Greg Abbott, House Speaker Dade Phelan (R), and State Rep. James White (R). They claim their right to free speech has been abridged. This is a group that participated in photo ops and praise from the high priests and priestesses of the Democratic party.

At no time were they silenced. Two of the Democrats didn’t even stop after reaching Washington by flying off to vacation in Portugal.

They claim they have been deprived of their right to freedom by keeping them apart from their families. But the last time I looked it was the Democrats themselves who decided to duck out on their responsibilities to the voters.

Could not rapists and burglars make the same claim as the Democrats? This is where the pathetic comes in.

When a special session of the legislature is called by the governor, an act that is legal in Texas, they must report to their respective chambers. Ducking out on your constitutional duty is not the fault of anyone but the Democratic Senators themselves.

Some of them even try to bring racism into the equation. That is where the hilarious part comes in. Are they saying that if all Democrats are treated equally regardless of skin color, those with darker skin are affected more?

From The Blaze

The Democrats even claim they are being targeted because of their skin color, claim they are being harmed, and claim they have been the victims of “retaliatory attacks, threats and attempts at coercion relating to the exercise of their First Amendment rights.”

However, as the Texas Tribune noted, the lawsuit provides no evidence of the lawmakers being targeted because of their race, provides no evidence of the alleged harm against them save for “public statements,” and fails to provide evidence to corroborate the alleged “retaliatory attacks.”

Abbott and Phelan have been urging the lawmakers to return to Texas and fulfill their oaths of office by participating in the legislative process they subverted. Abbott has said the lawmakers will be arrested once they return to Texas.

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