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Heshy Tischler is a Populist Democrat for Trump, and he is defying Cuomo’s Hannukah and Christmas Shutdown

Heshy Tischler is making a national name for himself by defying the strict lockdown orders of the radical far-left Mayor and Governor of New York City, especially over the Hanukkah and Christmas Religious holidays.

Tischler is Jewish and plans to run for City Council in Brooklyn as a Democrat to fight against Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s draconian lockdown orders of his community.

He made a huge splash recently on the Tim Pool podcast, talking about his plans to run for office to restore New York City with the help of others:

“These two guys, de Blasio and Cuomo, are horrible to us in my community. They are collecting up huge fines again arrest us for doing business and observing our holidays. It has to stop. I was arrested for protesting the lockdown, but I think it was really for supporting President Trump. We are being told we can not have Hannukah. I am going to have Hanukkah, and I am even going to have Christmas now for the first time,” Tischer told me.

Tischler attended a small gathering to protest the shut down of a New York City business called Mac’s Public House, a tavern which was shut down by order of the Governor’s “Pandemic” concerns. The owner of the establishment Danny Presti, in Staten Island, has been arrested twice.

“They have us locked down because of Covid, and we did our own private testing with a professional medical lab. We took my community from a red zone with lots of COVID cases to a yellow zone with fewer COVID cases. It was because of the testing. When we took it to the next level with our testing, we had fewer cases than we were told we had,” Tischler said.

Tischler has a podcast where he discusses his findings and will be talking about these issues on Wednesday night.

Watch Tischler report from his community, where he says that the de Blasio and Cuomo are not reporting what he is seeing.

Newsweek describes Tischler:

“Harold “Heshy” Tischler, an Orthodox Jewish activist and radio talk show host based in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, was arrested Sunday evening in connection with the assault of Jacob Kornbluh. Kornbluh, also Orthodox Jewish, is a journalist who was allegedly assaulted last week after covering protests against COVID-19 restrictions in New York.

The NYPD announced Sunday: “The New York City Police Department Warrant Squad has taken Harold ‘Heshy’ Tischler into custody. He will be charged with inciting to riot and unlawful imprisonment in connection with an assault of a journalist that took place on October 7, 2020, in Brooklyn.”

Tischler, who is a candidate for Brooklyn’s City Council, has become a leading figure in the fight against COVID-19 restrictions in New York.”

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