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Censoring Social Media

Here’s Why the Left Fears Free Speech

If you have been reading my stories as of late you may have noticed that I’m using a specific term a lot more.  I use the term Woke Supremacist to describe American progressives and what the radical leftist in America are now doing.

Throughout the history of socialism, the socialists themselves have always acted as if they are part of a supremacy of order.   They believe that they have the right idea in their convictions that all institutions, government or otherwise, would work perfectly if we just had the smartest people running them.   They believe they can achieve a perfect utopian society if the “One” achieved.   Each different type of supremacy through socialism’s history had a figure they adopted as the One that they claimed to fight for in order to justify having the Supremacy.

For the Soviet Stalinists, it was the “worker,” the One that they focused on promoting to implement their Supremacy.  Remember the propaganda that the Soviet Union was a “worker’s paradise?”  Remember the Marxist cry “workers of the world, unite!” when the idea of unions was coming around?  You read about it in history books.

For the Nazis – yes, the Nazis were socialists and in their minds, they had supremacy overall – it was the “Aaryan” that they considered the One.  They centered their Supremacy around an Aaryan brotherhood and the Aaryan race, which they considered supreme over all others in their society.

Today, modern-day progressive Marxists also have a Supremacy movement no different than socialist groups from the past, and their One is the “Woke.”

Today, the Woke Supremacist in America believes no differently from past regimes throughout history.  All socialist supremacies are made up of globalists and they believe the world can live as one as John Lennon used to sing.  They think if they are able to put the smartest people in charge of world institutions the world would have peace at last.

The complete opposite of globalism is nationalism.  The Woke Supremacy fights to rid any obstacles to creating their utopia.  Think about what it would be like to fully buy into the notion that the world could live in peace and harmony, but the nationalists are a never-ending obstacle that must be removed.

The #1 rule to being a member of the Woke Supremacy is to give complete and utter loyalty to the Supremacy over all else.   One tiny little infarction and you can find yourself hated by the very people who you were supposedly united with just a few moments ago.

We are fortunate in a way to live in modern times.  Every socialist supremacist movement throughout history came to the realization that the only way to get rid of the nationalists was to silence them, to not let their knowledge and their ways be spread to people who don’t yet know anything about it. They only want their viewpoints and only their ideology and their supremacy, with no opposition to conquer all.

Under Stalin, the way that they got rid of the nationalists was to silence them by arresting them and putting them in the Gulags.  Most people died in the Gulags before their time.  It was a horrible life and the punishment was meted out because those placed there were not loyal to the Supremacy.

Hitlerism used concentration camps and then the gas chambers to silence the opposition.  Millions of people not loyal to the Supremacy were murdered.

Though the methods of all socialists supremacist regimes differed to varying degrees they all centered around the same ultimate end: to silence the opposition.  And the socialist despots of the 20th century used the primitive technology of their time.  They had to silence the opposition and that’s the way they did it.  They murdered them.

Today, the Woke Supremacists are implementing their punishment to the nationalists who are not loyal to the Woke Supremamcy by using Cancel Culture.  Trump supporters are being silenced through technology controlled by the Big Tech tyrants who shadowban users and kicked people off platforms and punish free speech by labeling truth that does not conform to the Woke orthodoxy as “misleading” or “disinformation.”  The Woke Fake News industry reports that daily riots burning down businesses and killing people across the country are “mostly peaceful protests” while pushing the Fake News story that all 74 million Trump voters were at the Capitol riot on January 6, which is an impossibility, but if you point that out you have gone against the Woke Supremacy and you are then canceled.  Therefore no one on the Left points it out.

This is nothing new.  The Left has always suppressed free speech whenever they attained power.  Since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, there has been no time in history where the Left did not try to kill opinions that differ from the Supremacy.

Today, we are facing the greatest threat to freedom in American history by the Left.  I’m not talking about liberals, because liberals and conservatives have many things in common.  Both want a strong economy, both want clean air and water, and many other like-minded goals, they just differ in how they believe we achieve them.

The Left has nothing in common with liberals or nationalists.  Nothing at all.  Liberals and conservatives believe in free speech while the Woke Supremacy does not.  Liberals and conservatives believe there are only two genders while the Woke do not.  Liberals and conservatives believe America is a great country, with its flaws, but the Woke Supremacists do not.  They think all of the world’s problems can be blamed on a systemically racist America.

In case you haven’t been paying attention the Left controls most of our universities now and there is little or no dissent allowed on campus from the Woke Supremacy.

The left controls almost every news outlet in this country today and they allow little to no dissent in the Fake News media, not even in the so-called “news” sections of these networks and not even talking about the “opinion” side of things.  In fact, I would argue that most programs on CNN and MSNBC that are labeled as news programs are really activist leftist Woke Supremacist opinion shows.

Hollywood is also dominated by the Woke.  Just follow people like Rob Reiner, Bette Midler, and Mark Hamill on Twitter. These clowns are part of the Woke Supremacy and they have tweeted some of the vilest things I’ve ever read about President Trump, his supporters, and any anti-globalists in general.

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization.  Don’t take my word for it, the founders said they are trained Marxists.  The group brought race into the cancel culture by blaming every ill in American society, real or just perceived, on white people’s racism.  In fact, they spent considerable time pushing the idea that white people are systemically racist and that America itself is systemically racist.  And if you disagree with the dogma of the Woke Supremacy you could find yourself fired from your job, your business canceled or yourself physically harmed.

There is no such thing as cancel culture on the right.  The Right believes in God-given rights, free speech being one of them.  So, then why does the Left always have to suppress speech?  It’s because the Woke fears dissent.  Never forget that.  The left will tell you that they don’t fear anything but they do and it is opposing viewpoints.  They fear dissent because the Woke Supremacy is based on a bunch of intellectual gibberish.  There is no substance to their arguments and there is no substance to their ideology.   Everything that comes out of their mouths is bullschtein, and they know it.  They know that what they believe is radical fringe stuff, and they don’t want anyone calling them on it.  You can’t get called out on the nonsense you push if you silence those who would call you out.  The Left bases everything they believe in the dogma of Supremacy and emotion.

Not wanting to be challenged by differing viewpoints is why most universities today will never allow conservatives to be invited to the campus to give a speech.  It wasn’t that long ago that they did.  In a one-hour speech, a single conservative speaker talking to an audience of young minds and then holding a Q & A session afterward could destroy years of leftist indoctrination.

In a debate forum where Woke violence is not allowed, people like BLM operatives or Robin DiAngelo who wrote “White Fragility,” etc. would be destroyed in ten minutes by a Candice Owens, a David Harris Jr., a Larry Elder, or a Will Johnson who have studied the issues and could make the Woke look silly.

The Left is tearing our country apart and the only way I see for conservatives and nationalists to have a decent life is to create their own systems.  I’m talking about their own social media companies, their own book stores, their own server farms, their own PayPal, and other crowdfunding sources.  If corporations are telling conservatives they can’t participate in their services and the judiciary is so corrupt now that you can’t find a judge who would rule in favor of the law over the Woke Supremacy, then short of a civil war conservatives have to start from scratch and build their own infrastructure, their own universities, their own Hollywood, their own news sources beyond Newsmax and OANN.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s necessary because another trait of the socialist Supremacy throughout time is that you can not reason with them.  They dehumanize you and all reason and logic go out the window.

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