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Here’s Why Glenn Youngkin’s Win In Virginia Is Not Your Average Bellwether

Republican Glenn Youngkin’s stunning win over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Tuesday’s gubernatorial race in Virginia will most assuredly act as the model for Republicans in the post-Trump era.

Youngkin’s big advantage with voters was also McAuliffe’s weakness. In late October, it became apparent that Youngkin was eating up the Democrat’s summer lead in the polls. That was all based on Youngkin’s message about public school education and the economy. Those are two things that Americans care the most about; what are they going to teach my kids in the classroom and are we going to be able to pay our bills?

McAuliffe apparently never got that memo. The difference between the two candidates was obvious. Youngkin came across as the candidate who related to what the people of Virginia cared about and McAuliffe came across as a man who thought he was entitled to the job and that Virginians would accept that under his rule the people worked for the government and not the other way around.

These two core differences can be seen at the party level as well. Democrats have become the party of rich special interests while the Republicans are now the party of the middle class and working-class families.

Youngkin understood that poor leadership in DC politics is affecting how people live in Virginia and it’s not going to get better anytime soon. The Biden administration seems to be filled with people who, honest-to-God, do not know what they are doing. It’s times like these that all politics is local. Youngkin understood that and appealed to the voter’s concerns while McAuliffe ran a national campaign aimed more at progressives and big government types.

In times like this, American families have to sit down at their kitchen table and talk about what they are going to do to survive through tough times like what we are living through now, and will may get worse in time. The cost of everything is rising because of inflation that this administration has made worse by spending more and more money that we don’t have and having no idea how to fix the supply chain problems that are keeping store shelves empty.

On top of that, the administration continues to pay people to remain as members of the Flat Ass Society and stay home instead of getting a job and going to work. With a lack of worker participation, essential things are not getting done, like not enough workers are available to offload the ships coming into port with merchandise that should be filling those empty shelves at your local supermarket and other stores across the country.

An administration that cares about these things would be working day and night to find solutions, but nothing is forthcoming from the Biden administration.

McAuliffe seemed oblivious to all of those issues. Instead, he focused on pushing racial divisions and griping about the last president who has been out of office for 10 months and who never came to Virginia to campaign for Youngkin. It was the same old Democrat playbook of I can’t tell you what I really want to do, so I’ll just tell you not to vote for the other guy because he’s a racist.

Numerous polls were laying it out that Youngkin’s focus on school messaging was drawing Virginia parents to his side. When a candidate catches people’s attention, they tend to start listening closer to their messaging and drowning out the negativity being thrown at them from the opposition. That’s what happened in this race. McAuliffe ran a dirty campaign filled with lies, race baiting, and a growing sense of apathy for the concerns of those parents that became palpable. That helped Youngkin’s rise in popularity.

On Friday, a poll showed that Youngkin had a three point lead on McAuliffe throughout the state. Yet, among voters who have children in grade school, the Republican was up by 17 points.

Last week, a Fox News poll showed that voters in Virginia trusted Youngkin to handle education issues over McAuliffe by eight points, while a Washington Post/Schar School poll on Friday revealed that voters said education was their top priority in this election.

The same poll done in September showed Youngkin with an eight point lead with independent likely voters. By late October, education became the top issue in the election and that’s when Youngkin’s lead with independents rose to 18 points.

McAuliffe, by contrast, spent a lot of time trying to tie Youngkin to Trump and it didn’t work. It was a gamble that never paid off, because Trump has been out of office and off Twitter long enough to not be hated as much by Democrats who are now more concerned about their kids’ education than having to deal with mean tweets.

When McAuliffe started to realize he was in trouble, he panicked and made the serious mistake of bringing in the big guns: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris. All three represent exactly what Virginia’s parents were fighting against. All three Democrats are against school choice. They all support the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) in public schools, and they all believe the government should have the final word on how and what their children should be taught.

But they also all subscribe to the idea that America is a systemically racist country and that white people are all born racist. How could they not, as that is one of the main beliefs of CRT?

I believe Americans in all 50 states are sick of being called racists and other names. I think they are tired of being told the country is systemically racist because they know that it’s not. Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike are weirded out when they look at their children and know that a certain segment of the population thinks their innocent kids are racist because they were born of a certain color.

Here’s how racist the Republicans really are. Yesterday in Virginia, the systemically racist Republicans went and elected the first black female Lt. Governor and the first Hispanic Attorney General in Virginia history.

I think Americans have decided they are no longer going to put up with the lies about COVID that have been coming from their leaders that are always anti science and always seem to take more and more of their freedoms away from them. They are tired of their intelligence being insulted.

After living through the abuses of our rights in the name of a virus that has a 98 percent survival rate, many Americans are waking up to the realization that the COVID restrictions are neither about public health nor your safety but about a Great Reset where global leaders are all doing their part to create classes of people like in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” where they are the Alphas at the top and everyone else is expected to live their lives to service them. Americans are coming to grips that the Democrats will never give up the powers they have stolen from the people, as most tyrants throughout history never do.

I think Tuesday’s election results were more than a bellwether of what’s to come in the 2022 midterm elections. I think the election results in Virginia were the beginning signs of an awakening giant that is no longer afraid to speak out against their tyrant leaders who have done nothing but make their lives miserable for a year and a half. I think their eyes are open now and they will be more alert to what the politicians are doing behind the scenes and I think they can’t wait until the midterms so they can cast their votes to throw the party of COVID lockdowns, personal insults, and power grabs out on their rear ends for good.

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