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Health Department Shut Down Stop the Steal Rally in WI

President Donald J. Trump supporters in Wisconsin have gathered to show their support of the President, and to express their frustration with the alleged mistakes in tabulations in the 2020 Presidential election, and the Health Department came in on Saturday and shut their event down, under threat of arrest.

Local WI Fox News reported of the event on Saturday, “things ended abruptly. When the Milwaukee Health Department showed up to the large gathering at Serb Hall, things quickly escalated.”

“I don’t want to lose graciously, I tell you what. I want to win ugly! I don’t care how,” said Vicki McKenna, a Trump supporter.

Fox reported, “Roughly 1,000 supporters of the president gathered outside of the banquet hall on Milwaukee’s south side Saturday afternoon.”

“The City of Milwaukee is here. I’m not going to lose our license. I will stop the rally if you don’t sit down. Sit down,” the representative said.

Seen in this video clip a representative from the Health Department said everyone had to sit down, then someone from the venue attempted to enact the order and was pushed when a man tried to remove his mike,  or when tripped and fell to the ground, surrounded by frustrated participants, who then tried to help him up.

Milwaukee news described the event saying, “A brief struggle at a rally outside Milwaukee’s Serb Hall on Saturday ended with the venue’s general manager on the ground, where he says he was kicked by supporters of President Donald Trump.

A “Defend Your Vote” rally broke up when Nick Alioto asked protesters to comply with the city’s public health order aimed at stemming the spread of the coronavirus, saying, “I’m not going to lose our license” over this.

In video captured by Fox6, people in the crowd yelled obscenities at Alioto and told him to “get out of here,” even though they were using his lot. Within seconds, Alioto was surrounded, and one man grabbed him from behind, apparently trying to take the microphone from his hands.

The Milwaukee event was going on for about an hour when Milwaukee health inspectors arrived to enforce the city’s health order imposed in an effort to stem the spread of COVID-19.

The event surpassed the maximum 100 people allowed under the order, and participants were not wearing masks, social distancing or staying in their seats provided to them by Serb Hall, all in violation of the order, Fleming said.

Fleming said Alioto cooperated with health inspectors after they pointed out the violations. Nevertheless, he said, Serb Hall will likely receive multiple citations.

“The Health Department has changed its policy,” he said. “There are no longer warnings given.”

It’s the second time in two weeks that Serb Hall has hosted a demonstration for Trump supporters.

After the rally broke up, Trump supporters got into some tense discussions with Black Lives Matter supporters outside Serb Hall about the results of the presidential election. Social media captured at least one physical altercation between attendees.

Many Trump supporters carried Trump and American flags. Many Black Lives Matter supporters showed up with signs saying “you lost.”

Milwaukee police said one person was given a citation, but no one was physically hurt while the two groups confronted each other.

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