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He Urged Jan. 6 Protesters to Attack the Capitol, But Is This Instigator Really a ‘Fed!?

Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie during a congressional hearing with Merrick Garland asked the AG about the suspected fed agent “Ray Epps”. Epps was an instigator who tried to get protesters to storm the Capitol. He is now suspected to be a federal agent assigned to work the crowd up in order to turn them violent. Garland refused to answer Massie and he used the excuse that he is not permitted to comment on ongoing investigations.

“Ray Epps” started his instigation the day before and the day of the Capitol breach. He led a mob into the Capitol. With all of the arrests of people who did not even go into the Capitol, you would think that “Epps” would have been arrested and thrown in the Washington gulag but guess what? He has not been arrested and is described as an unindicted conspirator. Don’t you find this curious?

“Baked Alaska,” who is a former Buzzfeed reporter, smelled a rat and accused “Epps” of being a federal plant.

To make things even stranger is that there are many similarities between the Capitol riot and the alleged kidnapping plot of Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer. In that plot, the FBI had 12 informants who rented hotel rooms and provided food for the alleged conspirators who claim that the informers were running the show. One similarity is that the same FBI agent was in charge of both the kidnapping plot and the January 6th riot.

I will stress that we have no evidence that “Epps” acted as a federal agent, but, you do have to admit that it raises some doubt about both operations. I am convinced that there can be no fair investigation of either under this administration. The entire administration is made up of corrupt radicals.

From PJ Media

Congressman Massie thought the similarities were a little odd and questioned Garland about them.

Revolver News provided a transcript of the testimony:

Rep. Massie: As far as we can determine, the individual who was saying he’ll probably go to jail, he’ll probably be arrested, but they need to go into the Capitol the next day, is then directing people into the Capitol the next day, is then the next day directing people to the Capitol. And as far as we can find. You said this is one of the most sweeping in history. Have you seen that video, or those frames from that video?

AG Garland: So as I said at the outset, one of the norms of the Justice Department is to not comment on pending investigations, and particularly not to comment on particular scenes or particular individuals.

Rep. Massie: I was hoping today to give you an opportunity to put to rest the concerns that people have that there were federal agents or assets of the federal government present on January 5 and January 6. Can you tell us, without talking about particular incidents or particular videos, how many agents or assets of the federal government were present on January 6, whether they agitated to go into the Capitol, and if any of them did?

AG Garland: So I’m not going to violate this norm of, uh, of, of, of, the rule of law.

[Looks down and away]

Revolver claims they have “EPPs” dead to rights. Neither I nor this site is verifying their reporting. We are just merely presenting what they claim. It could be true and perhaps it’s not. You decide for yourself.

After months of research, Revolver’s investigative reporting team can now reveal that Ray Epps appears to be among the primary orchestrators of the very first breach of the Capitol’s police barricades at 12:50pm on January 6. Epps appears to have led the “breach team” that committed the very first illegal acts on that fateful day. What’s more, Epps and his “breach team” did all their dirty work with 10 minutes still remaining in President Trump’s National Mall speech, and with the vast majority of Trump supporters still 30 minutes away from the Capitol.

Secondly, Revolver also determined, and will prove below, that the the FBI stealthily removed Ray Epps from its Capitol Violence Most Wanted List on July 1, just one day after Revolver exposed the inexplicable and puzzlesome FBI protection of known Epps associate and Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes. July 1 was also just one day after separate New York Times report amplified a glaring, falsifiable lie about Epps’s role in the events of January 6.

Lastly, Ray Epps appears to have worked alongside several individuals — many of them suspiciously unindicted — to carry out a breach of the police barricades that induced a subsequent flood of unsuspecting MAGA protesters to unwittingly trespass on Capitol restricted grounds and place themselves in legal jeopardy.

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