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Have Our School Systems Been ‘Hijacked’ By BLM? It Looks Bad! [VIDEO]

Since we’re in that season in which we normally see schools opening, it seemed appropriate to sound an alarm about what amounts to nothing short of an outright highjacking of our elementary school systems.

Very recently Glenn Beck put out a video entitled BRAINWASHED: How Black Lives Matter hijacked our schoolsHe puts together quite an alarming sequence of events that should have conservative and Christian parents’ hair standing up.


I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve known for quite a few years that the school systems are dominated by left-leaning liberal teachers and professors. My own kids are all adults now, so my concerns about the direction the curriculums of the schools are more likely to be focused on my grandkids more than the adults, but still, I can see very plainly the negative effects of so-called politically-correct indoctrination that was spoon-fed to my children.

Wondering what kinds of things are being put into our kids’ or grandkids’ heads as “normal?”

I’ll start you off with a brief list of some of the things first mentioned in the video. I encourage you to sit down and watch the whole thing, because the further he goes, the more it should make you outraged that our kids are being systematically programmed to accept communism as the “new normal.”

First of all, in many of the curriculum items, Glenn shows we see the upraised clenched fist symbolic of BLM.

How about transgender affirmation being taught to elementary school kids?

Or, the indoctrination into Marxism by use of dialectic phraseology such as Black Villages, which when you get down into the meat of it, means the disruption of the American nuclear family dynamics and a return to the “collective village” that takes care of each other…

Is it any wonder that there are some really nervous schools and teachers out there that are insisting on privacy for the students to the degree that parents are not even allowed to sit with them and listen to the lesson material during the recently established practice of distance learning?

They don’t want you to find out that they’re deliberately undermining any efforts you may be making to teach them that a two-parent household in which mom and dad are both present is the norm, for starters. (Yes, I know that there are dozens of reasons why there are single-parent households, but that’s another topic that we can’t take the time to discuss here…) Father absence is one of the biggest problems in society today, and it’s liberal policies and programs that have sustained the trend.

The end goal that has been pursued for decades now is to draw us into a mental state in which we just go along with the socialist/communist program and let the government take care of us, bowing the knee to the powers that be.

What they’ve done is eliminated any trace of God’s presence and His plan and elevated themselves into the position He deserves by making themselves the “gods” who determine everyone’s destiny. It’s as un-American as you can get.

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