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Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Said Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Wasn’t Well Prepared For Her SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

Liberal Harvard Law professor and legal expert Alan Dershowitz has determined that Joe Biden’s nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace the forced out “retiring” Justice Stephen Breyer, based on her qualifications of being black and a woman, was not prepared for her Senate confirmation hearing last week.

Jackson stumbled several times, answering questions about issues that are important to the country at this time.

During an interview with “Just the News, Not Noise,” the Harvard Law professor said “She wasn’t as well prepared, for example, as the previous nominee Amy Coney Barrett, who knew her cases cold.”

About Jackson’s history dealing with free speech, Dershowitz said that he once interacted with her in 1991 when she was protesting against some other students’ flags they were flying as a part of Harvard’s Black Students Association.

Dershowitz said that a student that has Virginia ancestry exhibited a Confederal flag outside her dorm window. Another student put up a Nazi flag in response.

“The Black Students Association of which Judge Jackson was then a member tried to get both flags taken down,” Dershowitz said. The professor said that while he disagreed with flying the flags, he still defended the students’ right to do so. That’s the very basic fundamentalism of free speech, and Dershowitz said he had wished that senators on the Judiciary Committee would have asked Jackson about her views on free speech and specifically about that incident.

“I hope that she’s changed her views on that in the last 31 years and understands that some of the greatest threats to freedom of speech come from claims of equality on the other side or inequality on the other side,” he said. “I hope she will understand that you can’t have equality without having complete freedom of speech in the First Amendment.”

Jackson stumbled on the issues of transgenderism and abortion. She would not answer Senator Marsha Blackburn’s (R-TN) question if Jackson could give her a definition for the word “woman,” saying “I’m not a biologist,” and when Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) asked the judge about fetal viability, Jackson repeated that she was “not a biologist.”

To anyone paying attention, that was a smart aleck response from Jackson, because anyone else would have answered the questions more eloquently. Her response reminded me of Hillary Clinton when she responded to the question, did she wipe her illegal private email server clean by saying, “What, like with a cloth?”

Dershowitz maintains that as a judge auditioning for a seat on the highest court in the land, Jackson should have expected those questions.

The professor gave an example response that would have been a little controversial but would have been accepted. Dershowitz said she could have answered, “I’m a woman. And people who were born with vaginas are women. But there are cases now where people change and transition. And so the definition of what is a woman, for legal purposes, is a little bit more fluid than it was when we were all growing up.”

Dershowitz suggested she answer the abortion question, “It’s a biological question. It’s a legal question. It’s a philosophical question. It’s a religious question. And when the case comes before me, I’ll do all the research and make a decision based on the context of the case.”

But she didn’t respond either way. Her response made it appear that she was hiding her beliefs from the senators and from the country. Progressives always have to lie or withhold their true beliefs from the American public because they know their true beliefs would be rejected by the overwhelming majority of the American people. What progressives in a situation like this will do is obfuscate, omit their true beliefs, and then expect to be passed through based on gender and race. Judge Jackson is the Trojan horse nominee. She was nominated because of the color of her skin and the fact that she is a woman, even if she can’t define the term. But the real reason she was chosen, even within those two unbecoming criteria for a SCOTUS justice, is because she is a progressive ideologue who would fight to meld CRT in with Constitutional law. Her words, not mine.

Apparently, Senator Blackburn was stunned that Jackson was so unresponsive. She also said that Jackson’s performance made it clear that if she is on the Court, she will act as an activist who would “push the boundaries farther to the left” being solidly from “the progressive wing of the Democrat Party.”

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