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Attacking Trump

Harris Blames Trump Administration for Closed Business, Unemployment in First Speech as Biden’s Running Mate

Senator Kamala Harris spoke in Delaware at her first event as Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate last night, in which she spent much time laying the blame of current unemployment rates, closed businesses and schools, and our current economic crisis at Trump’s feet.

“Trump is also the reason millions of Americans are now unemployed,” she stated. “He inherited the longest economic expansion in history from Barack Obama and Joe Biden. And then, like everything else he inherited, he ran it straight into the ground.”

“This is what happens when we elect a guy who just isn’t up for the job,” she said. “Our country ends up in tatters, and so does our reputation around the world.”

Harris and Biden met together with their spouses at Biden’s home in Delaware before the event, only a day after the Biden campaign announced that Harris would be his running mate. From his home, the four made their way to the Wilmington event.

Harris gave much time during her speech to the COVID-19 pandemic, blaming the current federal administration for the resulting chaos.

“There’s a reason it has hit America worse than any other advanced nation. It’s because of Trump’s failure to take it seriously from the start.”

Harris gave no indication of how the Biden-Harris ticket would handle the COVID-19 situation differently than Trump, or the many states still struggling with infection rates, has handled it.

She compared COVID-19 to the Ebola outbreak during Obama’s presidency, praising Obama and Biden for the fact that only two Americans died of Ebola. “That is what’s called leadership. But compare that to the moment we find ourselves in now.”

Harris also laid out many of the policies that the Biden-Harris ticket would prioritize, including a “clean energy revolution”, the expansion of the Affordable Care Act, the protection of abortion rights, rooting out systemic injustice, and passing a new voting rights act (which she called “a John Lewis voting rights act”).

“This election isn’t just about defeating Donald Trump or Mike Pence. It’s about building this country back better. And that’s exactly what Joe and I will do.”

Both Biden and Harris spoke highly of one another in their speeches, despite their contentious relationship when they were both running for the Democratic ticket.

Now, the two were all smiles and warm compliments in their first speech together.

Biden has stated that he hopes they will be able to campaign together, “if the science allows us.” Biden has been limited in his campaigning to small, socially-distanced events since mid-March as a precaution against COVID-19.

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