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Hardcore Liberal Radio Show Host Praises DeSantis for Flying Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Wait Until You See Why

This week, I was suprised when a staunch liberal who I don’t particularly care for voiced support for what Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been doing in terms of shipping off immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

Charlamagne Tha God was recently on video saying that he approves of what Governor DeSantis did when he flew two planes full of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard earlier this month. According to Charlamagne, this action helped expose the Democrats’ utter hypocrisy to an even greater extent. To be quite honest, I couldn’t agree with him more.

According to The Daily Wire,

Charlamagne, who made the remarks during an episode of Comedy Central’s “Hell of a Week,” said that he thought the move was “genius” and that the two governors should give Democrats a heads up before they send migrants to their areas because that would “expose the hypocrisy of the Democrats, which is they don’t want immigrants here either.”

“For months, Republican governors have sent busloads of illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities like New York, D.C., and Chicago with the message of, ‘If you like them so much, they’re yours, OK?’” Charlamagne said. “Well, just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis upped the game by sending two planefuls of immigrants to the East Coast elites’ favorite vacation Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.”

“I personally think it’s genius. But I wish that governors like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott would give Democratic governors and mayors more of a heads-up because then that would expose the hypocrisy of the Democrats, which is they don’t want immigrants here either,” he concluded.

Now, DeSantis is being sued after someone is claiming that they were essentially kidnapped and flown to Martha’s Vineyard, but I doubt that they’re going to be able to prove that. It’s probably just someone trying to take advantage of our system once again, as if taking advantage of it through coming here illegally wasn’t enough already.

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