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Happening Now: Violence Breaks Out As Patriots Rally to Oppose Antifa and Black Lives Matter in Portland

About three dozen patriots gathered to do a flag waving in Portland, Oregon.

Unfortunately, they have now been confronted by antifa and BLM and the scene has turned violent.

The riots in Portland have been ongoing for nearly three months now.  The mayor and the police chief are hiding under their desks until the riots are over.

The dozens of patriots showed up at the Justice Center, which is the epicenter of the riots. Both sides have fired off mace and the patriots retreated to a parking garage followed by the rioters. Not a lot of details have been released but there is a good chance that more violence will break out as BLM and antifa is following the patriots are trying to leave.

The amount of violence taking place in Oregon has been incredible and Mayor Ted @Wheeler does nothing to stop it. Wheeler and Gov Kate  Brown have told President Trump that they do npt want him to send in troops of any kind, so they are willing accomplices of the rioters.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. DDearborn

    August 16, 2020 at 7:21 am


    Assembly and speech are the cornerstones of our Democracy. Unalienable rights that antifa and the BLM are without any shadow of a doubt trying to take away by use of violence. WHERE IS OUR GOVERNMENT DEFENDING OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND THE RULE OF LAW?

    Answer: “our” government is too busy with the 125,000 plus US troops deployed in the Middle East serving and protecting israel to give a damn…

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