The city of Portland Oregon has been the scene of 60 days of rebellious insurrection against the Federal Court House there, requiring President Donald J. Trump to send in Department of Homeland Security and other Federal Agents to protect the US Marshalls and the federal property.

Rioters, anarchists, and domestic terrorists have been relentless in defacing and attacking the law enforcement there, hurling projectiles, and attempting to tear now safety fencing around the building.

The Democrats and media have been proving cover these criminal acts by referring to the rioters as “peaceful protestors”, and insisting that Trump is acting illegally.

Radical leftist Mayor of Portland carries the message of the insurrection and says the protestors are “peaceful and thanks them.

Friday, hours after photos of what can be nothing less than a death threat to the federal agents the mob calls “pigs” emerged on social media, Far-left radical Democrat Ted Wheeler thanks the rioters for their powerful message.

Andy Ngo, a journalist who has been covering the violent uprisings in Portland posted a photo of a severed pig’s head, stuck on a flag pole and lit on fire.

Ngo added that the group he called “Antifa” put a police hat on the pig before they set it on fire.

Video footage shows the Pig’s head burning on top of an American Flag, with music playing and then the sound of mobs screaming “Our Streets”.

Ngo reports on a pig that was found and rescued after being found abandoned.

Arson is a favored tactic of the mobs, and now we are learning that brutal animal sacrifice might be as well.