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Greg Gutfeld: Trump Is ‘Like A Blackhole’, Slams Raid Plot

Greg Gutfeld called Trump a ‘blackhole’ during Monday’s segment of ‘The Five’. He explained that Trump just absorbs all of the negative energy thrown at him.

Gutfeld’s explanation of how Trump is able to turn negatives into a positive followed a very salty rant from ‘Real Time’ host Bill Maher who claimed Trump was almost dead in the water until the FBI decided to raid his mar-a-lago home.

Gutfeld explained, “no matter how you feel about Trump, and Bill Maher can’t stand him, he’s a larger-than-life figure. And you create more folklore status the more you target him.

He continued, “He understands that, and he’s like a black hole that swallows all the negative energy, and the angrier you get, the better it works.

How stupid was this? It’s like found money for him, this raid. He doesn’t have to do anything. He can pull back and let this play out. He already looks like he was the victim here.”

Gutfeld explained that the left’s attempts to find anything on Trump, yet again, have already started to fall apart.

“We are seeing it fall apart towards Friday,” he said. “The tell for me was if you criticize the political nature of this raid, it was tantamount to hate speech. They did this before to get parents to say, hey, I don’t want to have gender experts talking about gender politics with my toddler.”


Later Gutfeld concluded, “So, what they try to do is to shut you down by saying you, how you feel and the anger you have is somewhat harmful.

That was the tell that this was over. Of course, they never cared about the Border Patrol. That is the best — you know, they talk about defending law enforcement, they actually put a target on Border Patrol.

Then, when they were found innocent, they still decided to punish them. That hypocrisy means nothing.”

Gutfeld was referring to the BP agents wrongfully accused of whipping Haitian immigrants trying to illegally cross the border.

Biden vowed to ‘make them pay’ but never retracted his statement after the evidence showed that it was a false claim, to begin with.

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