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Gravely Injured Seattle Police Officer Reveals Disturbing Reports of ‘Very Violent, Very Destructive’ Rioters

Seattle Police Officer Adam Fowler, who was injured Sunday night during the Jenny Durkan Marathon of Riots when a mortar exploded right near his face. He had to be rushed to the hospital. He is now speaking out about the riots and he says that the rioters will have to be held accountable.

Nice thought but the mayor is Jenny Durkan and the governor is Jay Inslee, so the odds of that happening are about the same as Joe Biden becoming coherent or Stacey Adams of growing a brain.
It must be tough to be a police officer in that city. Being accused of police brutality while you are ducking rocks, bottles and commercial grade explosives.

Fowler was hit near the eye with a mortar and he says that at the time he thought he was going to lose an eye. When I was growing up, I could not foresee how any city could allow their police force to be under constant attack and fear of being arrested for doing their job. It’s insanity.

Fowler was quoted as saying:

“These aren’t tiny fireworks, they’re not firecrackers, these are commercial grade mortars. One had been thrown behind me and when that detonated it hit me in the back and when I went back toward my patrol bicycle another went off.”

“The only think I could see was a bright flash and then a loud bang and what felt like a hammer hitting me in the face. When I got hit, I lost my vision momentarily. I lost my vision probably anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. It was just blurry in my left eye and my first initial thought was ‘I’m going to lose my left eye.’ That was pretty scary.”

Fowler says that morale is in the basement and that there is no one standing up in their defense.

He says that they need to feel appreciated but don’t hold your breath until that happens during Durkan’s Summer of Love.

Fowler said that there are many peaceful demonstrators but that every night, between 50 and 200 violent domestic terrorists attack the police and then tries to push the violence off onto them.

It is so very sad.

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