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Grand Jury Convened: Loudoun Officials Could Face Criminal Charges For Rape Coverup

Could the girl who was raped in the bathroom by a boy in a skirt finally see some justice after the way the school board covered up the crime? Could be. A grand jury is looking into possible criminal charges against the board, especially since their actions made a victim out of a second girl. Go woke, get broke. A little quality jail time seems most appropriate to me. How about you?

The 2021 incident drew national outrage and galvanized local parents angry that the board wanted a boy to get away with the rape of a ninth-grade girl. This incident along with the teaching of CRT, and the labeling of parents as terrorists led to a Republican takeover of the blue state of Virginia. It’s impact will also be felt in November as passive parents have become activists as well as advocates for their children.

Loudoun County Public Schools acknowledged the latest development and pledged to cooperate:

“LCPS intends to cooperate with the lawful requests of the special grand jury while protecting the privacy rights of our students to the extent permitted by law and in accordance with all applicable legal privileges.”

Special grand juries are often convened to look into corruption among public officials. Gov Glenn Youngkin was the impetus for this inquiry. they are used to “investigate and report upon any condition which tends to promote criminal activity in the community or by any governmental authority, agencies, or the officials thereof.”

From The Daily Wire

Youngkin, elected in November, 2021, after campaigning as an advocate for parents, signed on his first day in office an order authorizing the attorney general “to initiate and coordinate investigative and prosecutorial efforts” in order “to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth and hold accountable any individuals who have violated existing law or violated the rights of victims of crime” in connection with the rape handling.

Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler told the public and the school board, which was attempting to pass a progressive transgender bathroom policy at the time of the incident, that there had never been any assaults in LCPS bathrooms. Had parents known about the incident, the policy could have been more difficult to pass.

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