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Governor Jay Inslee Wants To Censor Politicians Who Complain of Election Irregularities If It ‘Incites Violence’

If you thought Democrats flirted with gaslighting in 2020 and 2021, then your suspicions are now confirmed.

Washington Democrat Governor Jay Inslee revealed his plans to work on a bill that will ban elected officials and even candidates from spreading “lies” about elections if such remarks are likely to incite violence. He should have just said, “… if the politician is a Republican.”

This is, of course, an attempt to silence Republican politicians from pointing out Democrat-created election irregularities, but specifically to attack Donald Trump if and when he decides to run again in 2024.

Folks, when a Democrat governor goes to the trouble of making a ludicrous push like this, it is a wake up call that the Democratic Party is planning something dark and evil again with our country’s elections. The test of their new cheating strategy will probably be used in the 2022 midterm elections, and they don’t want anyone questioning it. This is their attempt at blocking any questions about election fraud under the guise of the lie that Trump incited an insurrection.

By the time Democrats are done creating such laws, Republican politicians saying, “I like apples” will be declared as speech inciting violence. But the most insufferable thing will be when Democrats say, “I like apples” it will not be considered speech inciting violence. That’s the subjectiveness of laws like this.

No one on the Left ever wants to talk about Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) inciting violence when she told her supporters to accost Trump administration officials. Democrats have made lame accusations against Trump and other Republicans for saying things like “we have to fight hard”  as speech inciting violence even though just about every Democrat over their political careers has said the same exact things.

Remember when the tech tyrants told the American people before the 2020 election that they would censor any speech questioning the election results about the 2020 election? Well, this is the exact same thing except that the governor of Washington state is not a private corporation who can hide behind that status and Section 230 to censor free speech about elections. He is a government official, and the government is not allowed to censor Free Speech. And if the Democrats believe they can censor Free Speech using an arbitrary classification of “inciting violence” they will be struck down in the federal courts.

Article I, Section 4 gives state legislatures the power to create election laws, but the First Amendment’s right to Free Speech should supersede that. It would be like when the Democrats created racist laws that suppressed black Americans from voting. Though their legislatures had the Constitutional authority to create their election laws, the courts ruled that they did not have the right to create racist election laws. In fact, I believe Inslee’s push for censorship violates the Voting Rights Act because it is designed to discriminate against Republicans and to protect voter fraud.

The tell in Inslee’s dictatorial mandate is including the concept of “inciting violence.” The January 6 crowd has been lying since January 6 2021 about Trump inciting the two and a half hour riot that took place at the Capitol building that day. To make the claim that certain speech about election fraud incites violence is a subjective argument that will no doubt be abused by every Democrat governor in the country. This is yet another Marxist tactic to silence the opposition and the American people should tell Governor Inslee to go pound sand.

Inslee’s announcement for censoring Free Speech was made on Thursday January 6, 2022, the newest holy day for the Democratic Party. He claimed that the riot that took place that day at the Capitol, which when you consider everything else that happened in the year prior, doesn’t even make a blip on the radar screen, happened because of remarks by public officials questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election was what prompted him to come up with the idea that Americans should not have the right to demand that their votes be counted in free and fair elections. The Constitution gives every American citizen the right to demand free and fair elections.

“January 6 is a reminder not only of the insurrection that happened one year ago, but that there is an ongoing coup attempt by candidates and elected officials to overturn our democracy,” Inslee said in a statement. “They are willing to do this by provoking violence, and today I proposed we do something about that in Washington.”

What happened on January 6, 2021, was not an insurrection. It was a two-and-a-half hour riot that did not stop the business of government that day to certify state election results, even the ones that were stolen. There were no guns among the thousands of protesters and, more importantly, among any of the idiots who breached the Capitol and spent the majority of their time taking selfies. As far as insurrections go, it was pretty pathetic.

It is one thing to put up with lies by the government, but it’s a whole other thing when the government creates laws to block your rights based on their own lies. We have the right to demand election integrity.

“Soon, legislation will be introduced in the state House and Senate that would make it a gross misdemeanor for candidates and elected officials to knowingly lie about elections,” he continued. “The proposed law is narrowly tailored to capture only those false statements that are made for the purpose of undermining the election process or results and is further limited to lies that are likely to incite or cause lawlessness.”

This is what I mean about a subjective power created by the government. Everything Donald Trump and other Republican politicians said about the election irregularities discovered was legal and as accurate as could be expected given that the mainstream news media not only refused to report on irregularities found in all the key battleground states but reported that there was no evidence at all that there were election irregularities. Add to that the Big Tech social media companies who went all in with the Democrats and blocked any Free Speech that questioned election irregularities.

From November 3, 2020 to January 6, 2021 was 61 days. That’s 61 days of 74,000 Trump voters being told to shut up and stop complaining about the stealing of the 2020 election. Sixty-one days of being told that the whistleblower testimony of solid evidence that they watched during state legislature election irregularities hearings was a figment of their imagination. Not only were 74,000 told by the lying media that Trump was spewing misinformation and had no evidence of election fraud, but they were censored on social media, the town square, if they provided evidence of election fraud in any of the battleground states. The people who went to Washington, DC to support President Trump on January 6, 2021 joined the mostly peaceful protest to show that large numbers of Americans do not believe the lying Democrats, media, and tech tyrants and they wanted to hold off the certification of the battleground states’ election results until someone, anyone, would take the mountains of real-world evidence of voter fraud seriously and allowed for audits. The overwhelming majority of people there didn’t go there to riot. The evidence is that the overwhelming majority of protesters didn’t get involved in the riot. And though not a single Republican politician condoned the riot, the Democrats and their buddies want you to believe that everyone who attended the protest rioted.

Calling out election fraud is not inciting violence. Neither Donald Trump nor any other Republican politician on or before January 6, 2021, called for violence. Democrats not liking to hear that there are questions about election irregularities are not inciting violence. Everyone with a tripe-digit IQ knows what speech that incites violence sounds like, and it never happened on January 6 by Trump or any other elected Republican. In fact, we have video footage of President Trump saying, “We will now march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol to let our voices be heard.”

If the Washington state legislature has an ounce of dignity, it will refuse Governor Inslee’s request to censor American citizens from questioning elections.

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