Republicans in Southlake, Texas, a community near Dallas just held elections and it was a wipeout i9n favor of Republicans mostly due to Biden’s plans to initiate courses in the critical race theory that has many parents up in arms.


Voters turned out 3 times the usual size of the vote and in taking over the school board, Republicans scored a 70-30 landslide. They also won two city council seals and also scored the mayor’s seat of Southlake, Texas.

NBC News reported:

“On one side, progressives argued that curriculum and disciplinary changes were needed to make all children feel safe and welcome in Carroll, a mostly white but quickly diversifying school district. On the other, conservatives in Southlake rejected the school diversity plan as an effort to indoctrinate students with a far-left ideology that, according to some, would institutionalize discrimination against white children and those with conservative Christian values.”

The landslide for conservative Republicans came after the woke progressives decided to institute lessons on the critical race theory and they refused to address the worries of the parents in the district. It would have also forced teachers to take sensitivity training and to undergo training in so-called anti-racism courses.

The election was framed as tone-deaf progressives who tried to push radicalization in the school district versus the parents and the welfare of the kids. From that point, it was a complete route.

If this is a harbinger of things to come in 2022, the Democrats are in deep doo-doo.

From The Daily Wire

“The voters have come together in record-breaking numbers to restore unity,” Smith said. “By a landslide vote, they don’t want racially divisive critical race theory taught to their children or forced on their teachers. Voters agreed with my positive vision of our community and its future.”

President Joe Biden and other progressive Democratic lawmakers are pushing schools to adopt critical race theory curriculum, which teaches that inequality is a result of systemic racism. The New York Times’ “1619 Project” is arguably the best-known example of critical race theory applied to the study of U.S. history. The project argues that slavery continues to infect almost every institution in the United States, resulting in systemic racism against black Americans and other minorities.

The Biden administration is pushing schools to bring critical race theory curriculum into their classrooms. Last month, the Department of Education proposed a rule that school districts that adopt critical race theory, the “1619 Project,” and other so-called “anti-racism” studies would be prioritized for federal loans and grants.