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GOP Senators Ask For Records on Secret Service and FBI Getting Involved in Hunter Biden’s Missing Gun Case

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Republican Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) are asking the directors of the FBI, and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), and the US Secret Service for the details of their so-called “investigation” into a handgun that belonged to Hunter Biden that was reported missing in 2018.

We recently reported that the Secret Service got involved in the case when they had no jurisdiction to do so, and when the Service was not officially protecting anyone in the Biden family.

In their letters, the senators referred to a report from Politico that was published this week about the issue of the missing gun.

According to Politico, on Oct. 23, 2018, Hunter Biden’s dead brother’s wife/girlfriend, Hallie Biden, called Delaware police to report that she had taken Biden’s gun and thrown it into a trash bin outside of a grocery store.

Hallie, who was sleeping with Hunter, said that she went to find the gun after she got worried that someone else might find it and use it in a crime, but when they went to look for it in the trash bin, it was already gone.  That’s not bad luck, that’s dumb luck. What are the odds that someone is going to come along and find the gun in a trash bin outside a grocery store?

The FBI arrived at the scene of the investigation, more-than-likely because of who was involved. The ATF eventually showed up, not until after the US Secret Service got themselves involved in the investigation and asked the owner of the gun store that sold the firearm to Biden to let them see the documents Biden filled out, according to Politico.

The owner of the store refused to let the Secret Service see the paperwork of the gun sale, telling them that only the ATF has that purview.

The store owner did allow the ATF to see the transaction record. There was a concern that “the Secret Service agents wanted to hide Hunter’s ownership of the missing gun in case it were to be involved in a crime,” Politico reported.

Incidentally, Politico was able to obtain a copy of the transaction and a receipt from the October 12 purchase.  The paperwork showed that Hunter answered “No” to the question on the form that asked, “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?”

Nobody was arrested in connection with the incident. However, lying on the form is a felony. No one will do anything about it because he’s the president’s son, and his father isn’t Donald Trump. You know darn right well that had this been Don Jr or Eric Trump, I have charged them with felonies and Democrats would have screamed for prison time.

`The biggest question of all is why did the secret service get involved?

When the cop at the scene asked Hunter if he had called his father about the incident before the cop arrived at the scene, Hunter replied, “I have never called my dad for anything,” according to the police report. You just know the cop asked that question because he wanted to know if Joe Biden sent the Secret Service to cover up the incident.

Earlier in the week, the Secret Service denied that the agency got involved in the case, though text messages that came to light on Friday show that Hunter Biden contacted someone and said that the FBI and Secret Service showed up to investigate an incident which was more-than-likely the one that happened in Delaware. That makes perfect sense because his father was out of the White House as vice president for only two years, so he had to still have contacts there that he could call to cover up the mess.

“US Secret Service records confirm that the agency did not provide protection to any member of the Biden family in 2018 and that the Secret Service had no involvement in this alleged incident,” the Service said in a statement.

“Then when the police the FBI the secret service came on the scene she said she took it from me because she was scared I would harm myself due to my drug and alcohol problem and our volatile relationship and that she was afraid for the kids,” Biden wrote.

The senators mentioned in the letter to Secret Service Director James Murray that neither Joe Biden nor his son Hunter was under Secret Service protection at the time of the incident.

Then on Friday, the Post reported that Biden said in a January 29, 2019 text message that Hallie Biden had taken the gun out of his truck lockbox and threw it into a trash bin behind a grocery store.

Biden wrote, “She stole the gun out of my trunk lock box and threw it in a garbage can full to the top at Jansens [sic]. Then told me it was my problem to deal with,” according to the Post.

Politico said an anonymous law enforcement official said that Secret Service agents “kept an informal hand in maintaining the former vice president’s security.”

The senators wrote, “If true, USSS must explain to Congress why such informal actions were taken and whether they were necessary in light of the circumstances.”

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