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GOP Rep-Elect Dedicates Her Term To Pro-Life Cause: “My mom chose life.”

One of the many pro-life women elected to Congress this November recently shared that her inspiration to fight for the unborn comes from her mother’s own choice against abortion when pregnancy threatened her life.

Kat Cammack was born to Ginny, a single mother who had previously suffered a stroke when pregnant with Kat’s older sister at the age of 27.

Six years later, when Ginny found herself pregnant again, doctors warned her that she may not live through another pregnancy, and encouraged her to undergo an abortion.

Even Cammack’s grandmother encouraged Ginny to seek out an abortion and save herself.

Despite the pressure from medical professionals and family, however, Ginny decided to give birth to her daughter.

“My mom chose life,” Cammack told Fox News, “which was very difficult for my familiy.”

“For her to make that choice against the advice of her doctors and against the urging of her own family, that’s pretty powerful,” said Cammack. “So for me, that’s why I am personally pro-life.”

At 32 years old, Kat Cammack is the youngest GOP congresswoman to be elected to the House of Representatives this election cycle.

Cammack will represent Florida’s 3rd Congressional District, succeeding her boss Republican Ted Yoho.

Cammack ran as a constitutional conservative on the platform that she would defend gun rights, law enforcement, and pro-life policies. She intends to share her mother’s story on the floor of the House during her term in office.

“We’ll classify bacteria on Mars as life but we won’t classify a heartbeat in the womb as life,” the Representative-elect explained. “Or if you look at the DOJ, if a pregnant woman is murdered, it’s a double homicide. But if the woman chooses to terminate that pregnancy, it’s not. It’s very hypocritical from the government standpoint. As a federal representative coming in, I want to address that hypocrisy in our government.”

Cammack is one of 13 new pro-life women elected to Congress during November’s elections, along with the re-elections of 11 other pro-life women. Cammack has called the women “powerhouses in their own right.”

Cammack enjoyed endorsements from pro-life groups such as the National Right to Life PAC and the Susan B. Anthony List. She also received the endorsement of President Donald Trump.

Cammack will assume office on January 3rd.

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