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GOP 2023 Budget Proposal, Among Other Things, Bans Critical Race Theory In the US Military

A step in the right direction.

The House Republican Study Committee’s (RSC) budget proposal for 2023 was released on Thursday and in it is a provision that bans Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the United States military.

The RSC’s “Blueprint to Save America” is the first budget proposal from the committee that advocates such a ban, amid efforts by the Biden administration to double down on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the military. Unfortunately, those flowery-sounding words don’t mean what you think they mean when the Left uses them.

The committee’s chairman, Representative Jim Banks (R-IN), is a Navy reservist who has grilled military leaders and Pentagon officials on those initiatives. Don’t forget that Banks was one of the House Republicans that Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) chose to sit on the January 6 Committee and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said no because Banks, along with Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), the other guy McCarthy appointed and Pelosi said no, would have asked real questions about what happened surround the 2-and-a-half-hour riot at the Capitol that day and the Democrats couldn’t have that.

The proposal says:

“The RSC Budget remains committed to an effective, strong military force focused on defending the homeland and free of politicization of any type. Identity politics and Critical Race Theory (CRT) have no place in our military.

Unfortunately, under the Biden administration there have been a number of disturbing examples of CRT and other woke ideologies finding favor in the Armed Forces. Under the Biden administration, the Pentagon spent almost 6 million man-hours on woke discussions about extremism and ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ training.

Last year, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday placed Ibram X Kendi’s book How to Be an Antiracist, on the Navy’s reading list. Kendi’s work promotes fundamentally anti-American ideas such as that the U.S. is a racist country and that capitalism is a racist idea. In February 2022, National Defense University’s Institute for Strategic Studies hosted an event on Wednesday making ‘the case for global justice and democratic socialism’ as a means to combat China’s rise.”

“The RSC Budget would ban teaching CRT in the U.S. military and in educational institutions under the Department of Defense,” it adds.

The Committee’s proposal will also ban taxpayer dollars going towards any attempt by the State Department to promote “anti-American ideas” such as CRT or to allow the United Nations to audit the US human rights record.

The RSC confirms that last year, the Biden State Department invited the UN Special Rapporteur on present-day forms of racism and the UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues for a visit to examine US human rights records.

You know this would be bogus from the very beginning. In today’s environment, a racist is defined as anyone who disagrees with a black leftist.

The budget proposal also advocates for the following:

— Rep. Dan Bishop’s (NC) Combatting Racist Training in the Military Act, which would prohibit the Armed Forces and Military Academies from promoting CRT;
— Rep. Chip Roy’s (TX) Combatting Racist Teaching (CRT) in Schools Act, which would prohibit federal funds from going to any elementary, secondary school, or institution of higher education that promotes racist ideology like CRT;
— Rep. Dan Bishop’s (NC) Stop CRT Act, which prohibits any federal funding being awarded to entities that advance CRT;
— and Rep. Mark Green’s (TN) H.R. 3046, which would prohibit the federal service academies from providing training and education based on CRT.

Of course, the Democrats will exploit this news by saying that the Republicans are a bunch of racists who are afraid of airing their dirty laundry. The point is, everything the Democrats have done since they have been in control of the government has been rigged to benefit their ideology. And the power of calling someone a racist is their weapon of choice. But they have overplayed their hand. People now just shake their head and laugh at them. Not everyone in the world who disagrees with these people is a racist.

The concept of critical race theory, which started in academic circles decades ago, says that there are inequities in society in areas such as education, the workplace, and in wealth, and that they come from America’s history of racism. I would argue that it’s not America’s history. It’s the Democratic Party’s history of racism, but that’s another story for another time. CRT says that America’s (the Democrats) history continues to be the reason for disparate outcomes and they must be “fixed” with “anti-racist” programs (that are actually racist) aimed at helping minorities.

Taught in our public schools, CRT teaches our children, both black and white, to be racist. Children across the nation are being indoctrinated to believe that to be white in America is to be fundamentally racist. They’re telling little white children that they are racist.

Every member who enters military service takes an oath that they will support and defend the US Constitution. Critical Race Theory demeans the US Constitution, so there’s a contradiction right off the bat.

The people who push CRT are not the bright intellectuals that the misinformation news media has told us they are. Unlike other scholars of all stripes, the CRT people don’t put their work out there for debate. The usual response they have for any criticism of their work is you’re a racist, and that’s not how most intellectuals role.

There should be programs to get rid of racists among the ranks of the military for sure, but the way the CRT folks in the Biden administration are going about it is fundamentally a morale killer.

Why should American taxpayers pay for programs that cause societal chaos and pit one group of people against another, usually over race?

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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