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Google Worker Fired For Blowing The Whistle on Group Inside Google That has Been Accused of Sex Trafficking

Kevin Lloyd sues Google after they fired him for outing a group inside Google that has been accused of sex trafficking.

Kevin Lloyd, a video producer who worked in the Google Developer Studio, is now suing the tech giant because he says he was fired for exposing a group within the company that has been accused of sex trafficking. The group, Fellowship of Friends has increasingly gained power at the company, as they hire members of the cult to work at Google. They have an estimated 1,500 members worldwide. Every member of the cult must give the group, 10% of their wages.

The group was founded in the 1970s by Robert Earl Burton, who has been sued for sexually assaulting male members of the group. members of the group believe it is up to them to create a new society after a doomsday event. (The Biden administration?)

Kevin Lloyd told the New York Times:

“Once you become aware of this, you become responsible. You can’t look away.”

In his lawsuit against Google, Lloyd claims that  Peter Lubbersthe, director of the Google Developer Studio and a member of the Fellowship of Friends has been funneling money from Google to the group and has also hired as many of the group as possible. That can lead to a lot of money at 10%.

Lloyd’s complaint says:

“Mr. Lubbers gained status and praise relative to the increase of money flowing to the fellowship through his efforts at Google that put (and kept) other fellowship members – directly or indirectly – on Google’s payroll.” 

From The Gateway Pundit

The complaint also alleges Lubbers and the 12  members of the non-denominational religious group work at Google are using their positions to line up work for its members within the company.

Lubbers confirmed he is still a member of the sect and contends recruiting other Fellowship of Friends members for jobs at Google presents no conflict of interest.

“My personal religious beliefs are a deeply held private matter,” Lubbers told the Times. “In all my years in tech, they have never played a role in hiring. I have always performed my role by bringing in the right talent for the situation — bringing in the right vendors for the jobs.”

Fellowship of Friends has a long history of sex trafficking. Burton allegedly engages in bizarre sex rituals, orders pregnant women to have abortions, preys on young males and has slept with hundreds of people per day during “love fests.”

Steven Ahle
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