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‘Good Trouble’, Cute Utah Woman Faces Life in Prison for Gang Activity, Brags on Twitter

Three American citizens have been charged with felonies in Utah that carry a gang enhancement that could be punishable by a life sentence, and the Community Organizer in charge is bragging on Social Media that she is proud of her actions.

KSL Media reported, “Madalena Rose McNeil, 28; Marvin Oliveros, 39; and Richard Lovell Davis, 31, were charged Tuesday with criminal mischief, a first-degree felony, and rioting, a third-degree felony, according to documents filed in 3rd District Court in Salt Lake City.”

McNeil shows no regrets at all. In fact, she is proud of her behavior and believes she is the hero.

The left has a new slogan to martyr themselves, that being that they are noble fighters for justice while they cause “good trouble” for law enforcement, enticing the mentally frail into destroying their peaceful and prosperous Americans lives in exchange for fame as a notorious outlaw as social justice warriors.

Could be because radical far left and elite politicians persist in promoting the resistance message, and encouraging the anti-Law enforcement message.

Here is radical far left, failed 2016 Presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton encouraging civil unrest:

The recruiting tactic has been fruitful for the Democrats and far-left radicals Community Organizers since the death of George Floyd, which was the excuse for national radical uprisings.

And somehow the elite Democrat left has convinced American youth that violence is going to be overlooked, however, President Donald J. Trump seems to be more of a hardline.

Radical Anti-American nonprofit groups, such as Black Lives Matter, who make massive wealth for themselves are benefitting from the sacrifices of mentally ill and mentally frail Americans who are willing to spend their lives in prison for political theater.

According to her website, McNeil is also a supporter of  such non -profit groups such as militant Palestinian and Iranian support groups in Utah, as well as migrant support groups whose combined mission is “Assist and protect Iranians and Iranian Americans with civil and human rights, and participate in social activities and assist charitable and nonprofit entities and refugees.”

McNeil and the other two rioters were participants in a protest seeking justice for Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal that took place July 9 outside District Attorney Sim Gill’s office at 35 E. 500 South in Salt Lake City.

It is unclear if McNeil’s defense is to marginalize her actions, or if she really believes that she is the victim because she was attacking law enforcement after a Police Shooting, giving her the cover of being similar to George Floyd circumstances that allowed a “Defund Police” movement, or if she was simply carrying out the mission of her other Anti-American associations.

McNeil posted on Twitter that she is proud of her actions and attempted to paint herself as the victim of the Police.

Daily Beast Reported on the story” McNeil, 28, was among four people charged Tuesday for their alleged actions at a July Salt Lake City, Utah, protest over a district attorney’s decision that the fatal police shooting of a young man was justified. Protesters allegedly splashed red paint on the DA’s office, broke windows, and hung signs calling for justice for the slain man. ”

In Community Organizing School they don’t teach about our Judicial system, but American dissidents such as McNeil fantasize they live in a third world environment.

McNeil doesn’t support the idea of a jury of peers, yet she writes,” The state has ALWAYS used political repression to target voices who attempt to subvert its power and give it back to the people.”

According to McNeil, “Political repression isn’t just punishing acts that are political in nature. Political repression means the state targets those it views as enemies and uses the might of law enforcement and the criminal justice system to punish and silence them. This will keep happening.”

She also must not have a lawyer who tells her she has a right to be silent.

Chances are that the arrests and legal bills of McNeil won’t disrupt any cocktail parties in the Hamptons, nor will the memory of her “cuteness” last for a moment on the minds of the movers and shakers in the Democrat party in DC or in White Plains New York at the Clinton household.

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