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Good News for Biden: He’s Still More Popular Than the Bubonic Plague, Loses out to Mongol Hoardes….New Low in Polls

Joe Biden has hit a new low in the polls at 36% favorability.

Joe Biden has hit a new low in the polls at 36% favorability.

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That should be Joe Biden’s new song unless he prefers Jail to the Chief. The latest Reuters-Ipsos poll shows Joe Biden with just a 36% approval rate with 59% disapproving. that’s a minus 23. Also, for the first time, every demographic except Democratic voters, who are now approving of Biden by only 72%. The number one issue for the 1,000 people interviewed for the poll is still the economy. Just 10% of Republicans approve of Biden with 90% disapproving of him.

Biden has achieved equity between the races. They all hate him pretty much equally. White Voters sit at 32% to 64% and Non-white voters are at 45% to 51%. You really can’t blame anyone because he has done nothing but hurt Americans and their families, but on the bright side, I’m sure he is polling well with the ayatollahs and the CCP in China. He is probably not doing that badly in Russia. But, then again, he treats them much better.

From The Daily Wire

By education, fully 60% of respondents without a college degree disapprove of Biden; just 34% approve. Even among college-educated voters, Biden is still deep underwater: 59% of respondents disapproved, compared to just 38% who approved. Breaking down by gender, among men, Biden’s approval sat at just 39%, while 59% disapproved; among women, Biden’s approval was 34%, while 60% disapproved. By age, Biden’s approval was just 40%, while 55% disapproved among 18-39 year-olds; among those 40 and older, his approval was just 34%, with 62% disapproving.

Biden was also underwater with every geographic region except one. His approval remained high in the Northeast: 56% approved, while 40% disapproved. But he was underwater in the Midwest, with 33% approval and 63% disapproval; in the South, with just 30% approval and 65% disapproval; and in the West, with a 36%-62% approval rating. Biden’s only other bright spot was among Americans in urban areas, who favored him 53%-43%; suburban voters disapproved of him 33%-64%, and rural voters disapproved of him 26%-67%.

The Democrats must be defecating chartreuse right about now. One of the prime indicators of how the midterm elections are going to go is the approval rating of the sitting president. And it can get a whole lot worse by the time the general election tolls around. I think I’ll throw a Super Bowl type party in November.

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