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GOOD GUYS WIN! Alabama Resource Officer Shot and Killed a Man Trying To Break Into a School While 34 Students Were Attending


Thursday morning, June 10, a school resource officer shot and killed a man who police described as “suspicious” after he tried to enter an Alabama Elementary School.

Gunfire broke out outside the Walnut Park Elementary school in Gadsden, Alabama, about 60 miles northeast of Birmingham at about 9:30 am after the man walked up to the school and tried to break into buildings and vehicles, according to Etowah County Sheriff Jonathan Horton.

A Rainbow City Police Department school resource officer reportedly responded to the scene where he called for backup. The man, identified as Robert Tyler White, 32, of Bunnlevel, North Carolina, was fatally shot outside of the school after a physical altercation took place.

Horton said that during the altercation, the man tried to take the resource officer’s firearm. That’s when he shot the man, as reported by the outlet, that cited police.

“I got a call from the principal, who’s really distraught, and I really couldn’t make out what was happening,” Tony Reddick, superintendent of Gadsden City Schools, told WIAT. “But I knew it was something pretty bad.”

Reddick told, a news outlet for Alabama, that there were about 34 children inside the school that day for a summer literacy camp when the altercation happened outside. He said the man “aggressively” tried to open several doors. At that point, the school went into lockdown mode.

“Our primary concern was just making sure that someone who was not authorized to be in our building does not get into it and that our kids are safe,” Reddick said to reporters.

Liberals have complained that it wasn’t clear if the man was armed. It doesn’t matter. In the altercation, he kept trying to reach for the officer’s gun. That’s lights out.

He said there were 34 children inside the school who were attending a summer literacy camp. All of the children were moved to a nearby location for pickup by their parents.

“We’re just so thankful that none of this involved the children,” Reddick said. “Everyone followed the safety protocols that we’ve drilled on.”

I can imagine liberal’s heads will explode when this story gets out there. That’s if it gets out there. There seems to be radio silence going on in the misinformation news media. It’s probably because this story doesn’t fit their anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Here’s all the liberals need to know. A good guy with a gun shot a bad guy at the school while he was trying to break in while there were students inside. This bad guy was stopped not by a law, not by a big sign that says “GUN-FREE SCHOOL ZONE.” He was stopped by a good guy with a gun.

Twitter caught on and people gave their opinions.

Curt Schilling weighed in.

“Omg! Liberals heads will explode and you WATCH the bullshit some will spew. Remember, only thing that STOPS a bad guy with a gun? Not a law, not a gun free zone sign, but a good guy with a gun.”

COMPLETELY IGNORED BY CORRUPT DEMOCRAT MEDIA: School Resource Officer Takes Down ‘Suspicious Person’ Trying to Enter Alabama Elementary School”

“.. another win for the good guys. Funny how Liberals never hear about these.”

See how this works! @davidhogg111 @CNN I’m sure a no guns allowed sign would of worked the same.”

“Attention Criminals—YOU WILL NOT ENTER OUR SCHOOL!!!”

“This elementary school had a man trying to force his way into the school. A resource school officer killed him. I don’t recall hearing about this. Good job to that officer!”

“Won’t hear much about this… I hate that the world has become an unsafe place for our kids. Between being over sexualized & used by the alphabet gang & being targeted by deranged people at school I am sickened. But we need more heroes like this!”

Ross Schumann picked up on the selective outrage of the misinformation news media in how they treated the Uvalde shooting and how they treated this story in Alabama.

“It’s amazing the difference in news coverage this event got from the shooting in Uvalde. Even though they happened within days or a week of each other.”

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