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Glenn Youngkin Names New ‘Diversity’ Officer…Democrats Will Be Infuriated

There is no moss growing under the feet of Virginia Gover Glenn Youngkin’s feet. He has already POed Democrats and his latest move could drive them over the edge as Youngkin has appointed Angela Sailor as the new Diversity officer. She is a policy expert from the Heritage Foundation and is a fierce opponent of the Critical race Theory. (CRT)

In fact, the role of the entire office is changing. Their new focus will be on economic opportunity and cooperation between religious groups, Those changes come directly from Youngkin, who issued an Executive Order to that effect. Youngkin’s success will make things difficult for Virginia Democrats in the 2022 and 2024 elections and could swing the state back to red.

From The Blaze

Under the new framework, Sailor and her staff will reportedly work to advance economic opportunity and cooperation between religious groups, promote “free speech and civil discourse” at colleges and universities, ensure the state’s history curriculum is “honest, objective, and complete,” work towards “eliminating disparities in prenatal care, and be an ambassador for unborn children.”

The office was created by former Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam in 2019 in the aftermath of the blackface scandal that nearly led to his ouster.

The move is sure to anger progressives in the commonwealth, who worked hard over the last several years to advance racial equity by promoting radical “anti-racist” ideas that emphasized racism in the teaching of America’s history and often depicted white people as oppressors.

The very things that progressives have fought for are why Virginia went for Republicans in a big way. They elected a governor, a Lt governor, and a new AG, all Republicans. If that carries over the next two elections, it will be a disaster for Democrats who need their nominee to take Virginiamor it could cost them the presidential election.

Sailor wrote:

“No one would argue that children shouldn’t be thoroughly taught about the evils of racism, slavery, and segregation that happened in this country. But [critical race theory] ignores the hundreds of thousands of lives that were sacrificed during the Civil War to end slavery, the long struggle of the civil rights movement to end segregation and win equality, and the reality that the nation has made great progress.”

The nightmare is far from over for Virginia’s liberals.

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