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‘Give The Money Back For Plane Trip Or Resign’, Comer Slams Wray, Hints At New Investigations

The corruption is getting out of hand, and it seems like everywhere Americans look, there is an orchestrated plot to take our power from us and bankrupt us, so the elite in DC can continue to live the luxurious lifestyle of the DC rich and famous.

Think of how Christopher Wray had to skip out of a meeting at a crucial time in American history to catch a private plane ride to his summer home. What would you think if you found out that was a taxpayer-funded FBI plane- and some Republicans are furious with him about that trip and are talking about using it to force him to resign from his position?

See that exchange, when he skipped out of work, here:

Now he is being investigated for that move.

Did you think a free plane trip would cause so much trouble?

The problem is that these spoiled civil servants are doing these things on our dime while preventing us from having a high quality of life for ourselves and our family members.

Miranda Devine is right when she spells out the corruption in DC.

“Corruption in Washington is not always about cash. It’s about perks, like free holidays for your extended family in the homes of billionaires. Ivy League admissions and cushy corporate jobs for your kids. Traffic/drug/gun violations waived. It’s a magic carpet ride of privilege.”

A few US Reps have had enough, and they are talking about investigations that are not going to be fun, but only if they get into the majority because there is nothing they can do until they get more seats and get out of the minority.

“I am working with @JamesComer and @MikeTurnerOH to hold FBI Director Wray accountable for using a taxpayer-funded plane to fly to his #NY21 family vacation home,’ US Rep Elise Stefanik posted on Twitter.

Stefanik, House GOP Conference Chair, echoes the sentiment of many people.

Hinting at financial investigations to clean out ‘the swamp, Comer appeared on Fox News to lay out a very interesting plan on how to clean up Washington DC.

“Wray’s flight aboard the FBI’s Gulfstream 550 Jet and now Republicans ranking Republicans in fact including my next guest, calling on the director to reimburse taxpayers for his trips. And why would an FBI director be going on vacation during the biggest investigation of his career here with me,” Fox News host Kennedy asked.

She then introduced Republican Congressman James Comer, a ranking member of the House oversight and reform committee.

COMER SAID: Why would he go on vacation at this time when you’re going to raid the former president of the United States house? We’re trying to find out by going down the FBI budget, line-by-line; we want transparency; they’ve been in my crosshairs for a long time.

Right now, in the minority were requesting information on their Appropriations because we believe that the agency has become political.

We believe the agency has become arrogant. They refuse to give us information. So we have a lot of problems with the FBI. We’re going to start asking a lot of questions. The first question is, did you reimburse the taxpayers for this costly private jet that you are not supposed to use on the taxpayer dime to go on your vacation last week?

You’re supposed to reimburse the federal government. If you do anything at private taxpayers’ expense. Remember, Tom Price was one of the first cabinet secretaries at the hand of the Democrats, demanding to resign because he used a private plane to fly home to Georgia.”

Comer went on to talk about how the FBI had refused to work with the Republics, often denying them documents and information.

“So, the Deep state is real, this is something that Republicans, if we get in the majority next,” Comer said.

“We are going to have to get under control and one way that I plan on doing it from the oversight committee standpoint is from a budgetary standpoint.

We waste way too much money taxpayer money on the FBI, and we deserve accountability and transparency within our appropriation just like any other government agency,” Comer said.


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