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Giuliani Says It’s Reasonable To Worry About Biden’s Allies Potentially Killing People

If there is anything we have learned in the last three years, it’s that the left is violent. That is why they do not condemn antifa or BLM when they destroy whole cities. So why shouldn’t we worry that people with evidence against Joe Biden might not be safe? Not that I believe Biden is willing to commit actions of violence against conservatives. But he would hold the coats for those who do.

People still wonder about the death of Seth Rich. Was he murdered because he stole the DNC emails? That has never been established as a fact, and it is quite possible that is just an unsubstantiated rumor. But by virtue of the fact that we have to consider, it is chilling. People are shot and killed in cold blood and the Democrats refuse to condemn them for it.

Giuliani explains that the owner of the computer repair shop made four copies of Hunter’s laptop “in case he was killed.” After all, people are assaulted and sometimes killed for wearing Trump or MAGA clothing.

Giuliani said:

“They gave it to the FBI, the FBI took it. He told the FBI agent he was afraid of the consequences.” 

“He gave two to friends of his in case he was killed. Don’t laugh. The presidency is at stake and we have some very dangerous people involved. I’ve been in law enforcement long enough to know you don’t laugh at that. The reality is, he kept four copies and gave two to friends in case he was killed.”

From Clarion Cause Action

Giuliani says the hard drive originally came into his possession after the Mac Shop owner created four copies to distribute to his friends because he feared for his life. He passed along the original, physical hard drive to the FBI, and finally handed over the copy in Giuliani’s possession to Robert Costello, Giuliani’s attorney, months later. He claims the shop owner attempted to give it to other Republican operatives but no one would take it.

Giuliani claims the hard drive corroborates a tip he received from a confidential informant about a secret meeting between Hunter Biden and former Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken at the State Department that violates the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). In total, he claims the hard drive includes “six or seven” FARA violations.

Giuliani claimed that text messages sent by Hunter Biden indicate a “kickback” program where he sent “half of his salary” back to Joe Biden, “which is a Chinese method of corruption.” He did not answer questions about whether there were bank documents or other evidence supporting that claim contained on the hard drive.

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