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Gingrich on Biden Prospects For 2024: ‘We haven’t had a president this weak this early’ and why ‘he’s not going to win a second term’ [VIDEO]

We need to bring back! “Let’s go Brandon!”

On Thursday, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is a Fox News political analyst who argued on Fox’s “The Faulkner Focus” that President Joe Biden will not win reelection in 2024 because of all the things he has done to turn Americans’ lives into crap. Gingrich said high inflation and Biden being seen as weak.

When you think about it, the day before Joe Biden was sworn into office, the world was more peaceful, our enemies were cautious and respectful, our borders were secure for the first time in decades, prices of goods and gasoline were stable, stock markets were soaring, and outside of Democrat-run cities, crime was under control for the most part.

Everyone, and that includes the Democrats, knew when he ran that Biden was not up for the job. Former President Donald Trump recently said, “There are many people in their 80s, and even 90s, that are as good and sharp as ever. Biden is not one of them”

The former Republican Speaker also advised that Vice President Kamala Harris is not a very likely replacement for Biden if the Democratic Party is dumb enough to let Biden run for reelection. Gingrich said this scenario will lead to a large clown car filled with Democratic candidates.

“We haven’t had a president this weak this early, and Biden is sort of setting a record for that. The 9.1% inflation rate number by itself would drive Democrats and all Americans to think you need a change. The price of gasoline, the price of food, apparently eggs have gone up 33% in the last year. All this stuff creates an environment,” Gingrich said.

“Plus, you just watch Biden, and you know he’s not going to win a second term. People are not going to watch him shuffling around, cognitively confused, not sure where he’s standing, asking people what he’s supposed to be doing. He’s getting worse, not better. And Kamala Harris’ laugh, she’s not really a plausible replacement. So there’s going to be a vacuum. It’s going to get worse pretty fast, and people are going to want to fill it.”


Whenever Joe Biden shows up to an event, a press conference, whatever, he always looks like a drunk old man wandering around in search of a bathroom. Americans want someone sharp, someone on the ball, preferably with orange hair, who is going to take charge of situations and you know it.

And who do they have on their bench? Hillary? She already said he’s not interested [in losing a 3rd time]. Pete Buttigieg, the transportation secretary who can’t seem to get a handle on the supply chain problems and took a two-month paternity leave, and no one realized he was gone? Joe’s wife, Jill Biden, the woman who showed us she stinks at simple math from her PhD dissertation [even though she doesn’t have a PhD but an Ed.D but that’s for another story] that also came with a lot of typos and no one at the university dared call her out on it?

Another political analyst, Dick Morris, whose new book, “The Return: TRUMP’S BIG 2024 COMEBACK,” recently came out wrote that Trump will win if he runs again in 2024 and that it’s inevitable. I say it’s inevitable if the Democratic Party lets us have a free and fair election for the first time in decades.

As far as strength in a president, in the world’s view, this video sums up the perception of the differences between both candidates, whether you like either or not.

[embedded content]

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