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Giant Thug On a Skateboard Punches Elderly Man From Behind Knocking Him Out Cold In Savage Attack [VIDEO]

Police arrested a 21-year-old skateboarding animal in connection with a savage attack on an elderly man in Newark, New Jersey that seemed like a random act of violence. It reminds you of the knockout game that went on across the country just a few short years ago.

The attack happened earlier this month in broad daylight on a public street with people around to witness it. It’s like the thug just didn’t care if he was seen doing it.

On February 11, the animal, who has since been identified as Tyjihad Ellison, was riding a skateboard down the streets of Newark when he approached a 73-year-old man walking down the street with his elderly wife, and proceeded to punch the old man in the head from behind, knocking him out on the ground.

It’s one thing when a giant thug confronts a senior citizen on the street, but to punch a 73-year-old in the back of the head after sneaking up behind him makes you wish there is a special place in Hell for people who do that. There is nothing that old man could have done that justifies the attack. At the man’s age, he could have killed him.

A video that captured the attack shows the thug coming up behind the elderly couple and sucker punching the man from behind. You then see the man collapse on the ground while the suspect started slowly walking away like he didn’t have a care in the world. He then quickly turned around, walked back to the scene of his assault, and picked something up off the ground, then left the scene quickly as people started approaching the corner.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment by First Responders. Authorities were able to find the suspect who was then arrested without incident. He was charged with Aggravated Assault.

The victim’s daughter told WABC-TV that her father was treated for his injuries at University Hospital and then released so he can recover at home.

“When he woke up, he just kept asking what happened to him,” she told the outlet when she made a statement about the senseless attack. “Because he doesn’t remember anything that happened.”

The daughter told WABC-TV that her parents walked down the same street many times and that they have lived in the area for 30 years. Now they are too afraid to go outside their home.

“You know, in this area, we think it’s safe, but it’s not. They don’t want to leave the house anymore. They’re so scared,” she added. “I feel sick, very sick, very sad, and I don’t know what do to, what to say.”

She also said that her father celebrated his 73rd birthday the day before he was attacked. God Bless him!

It was reported that Ellison has a mental illness and you can bet the family farm his lawyer will try to hide behind that for his client harming innocent seniors.



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