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Gettysburg Voter Fraud Hearing Ignored By the ‘Ruling Class’, While ‘Peasant Class’ Victorious in Lawsuits

On Wednesday the legal team of President Donald J. Trump who represents at least 73 Million voters, and the interest of the United States of America held a hearing with concerned Pennsylvania Senate members, who represent the state of Pennsylvania, was ignored by an elite ruling class of politicians whose financial interest lays in denying Trump a second term as President.
Trump’s “America First” agenda, which returns power, authority and wealth to the American people over career bureaucrats, has caused a tremendous conflict between groups, and therefore that ruling class is invested in ignoring and discrediting the hearing that included testimony from expert witnesses.
It is sort of like watching a real life Robin Hood. Trump, himself spoke by phone.
A notable bit of information came when one witness testified:
“There are 30 USB devices and laptop that were stolen from this state with voter data. Machines are controlling the numbers and margins. I believe there are 1.2 Million Pennsylvania votes that were altered or are fraudulent. It is a Civil Rights Infringement.  There are Spike anomalies that are not feasible or mechanically possible based on a rate of speed and that tell us where to look and what happened.  There are a dozen ways to contradict voting systems.  Pennsylvania is fixing the chart- there is a Biden injection that indicates a spike in loaded votes- 337,000 added in one batch. You should see a smooth curve. These are anomalies of loading, a big spike is possible for fraud. 3337,000 can you can find and over time it was 570,000 overtime for Trump and 3,200”, the witness said. WATCH:
Giuliani talked about the Mail-in Ballots, “There were 1.8 Million ballots requested, over 2.5 Million received. 700,000 ballots that appeared from nowhere,” he said. At the hearing witnesses testified before members of the PA Senate:
The news came in during the hearing that a PA court granted hearing in election integrity on Trump teams challenges. I covered their request HERE.
The closing was brutal for supporters of Biden, and for Biden himself:
The state senators in attendance hinted at legislative action.
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Daiva

    November 27, 2020 at 4:41 pm

    Of course millions of Americans require an opportunity to question 2020 election, especially after four years of watching the continued attempts in the demise of our President that would be considered treason with any other leader. It would seem the 12th amendment could be to our benefit as well. Thank you.

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