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Georgia Judge Rolls Back Previous Order Allowing Potentially Out of State People To Vote in Senate Runoff Elections Without Challenge

We reported this week that a federal judge ruled to allow a Georgia county to require that certain voters cast provisional ballots, just days before two runoff elections in the state that will decide control of the US Senate, and if the Democrats win both seats, will more than likely spell disaster for our republic.

The story is about over 4,000 voters who told the USPS that they moved out of state just registered to vote in the January 5 senate runoff elections.  I am willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of those 4,000 plus people were not the people themselves who registered, but were Democrat political operatives who got hold of their names via the voter registration database and figured they would use them to cheat for at least 4,000 more votes. For every one of these scams that are caught there are about a half dozen that went by without anyone noticing.  The Democrats cheat that much.

Well, that judge was none other than Stacey Abrams’ sister District Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, who infuriated many Republicans in Georgia for not recusing herself on the case given that she is the sister of Stacey Abrams, the failed gubernatorial candidate who was behind the consent decree that was reached with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, which was one of the things that led to the massive election fraud by Democrats when the decree changed how ballot signature verification would be done.

Judge Gardner issued a new injunction just before midnight on Wednesday that replaces the earlier restraining order she issued that prevented Muscogee County from forcing those voters to cast provisional ballots, to make them prove they live in the state even though the Post Office says otherwise. This new order represents a big push in the direction the county board urged during a court hearing earlier Wednesday.

Though the county can now require provisional ballots from those targeted voters, Gardner’s order dictates that no challenges to their eligibility be upheld based exclusively on data in the National Change of Address Registry, a Postal Service database that Democrats have complained is unreliable and an indicator of whether people have changed their legal residence.  Yeah, because a lot of people take the time and effort to tell the US Post Office that they moved out of state by giving them a new out of state address, when they never moved out of state in the first place.  #EyeRoll

“The challenge to their eligibility will not be sustained absent specific evidence of ineligibility,” Gardner ordered, whose court is in Albany, Ga. “Such specific evidence shall not include the appearance of a voter’s name or other information on the NCOA registry”

Her ruling also orders Muscogee County to notify voters that it finds evidence of ineligibility and give them the chance to present evidence to count their ballot by January 8.  Why don’t they just force the county to cast their votes for them and be done with it?  For goodness’ sake, don’t voters have a responsibility to keep up with their eligibility status, or are we coddling irresponsible people because we know they’ll vote Democrat?

The order came in a lawsuit filed by Majority Forward, a Democratic nonprofit, connected with Senate Majority PAC, that works on voter registration.

Gardner an Obama appointee, issued a seven-page rebuttal to the calls for recusal on Thursday, saying the effort was rooted in “unsupported, irrational, and highly tenuous speculation“ about her ability to be impartial.  Bullschtein!  She never even read the arguments before making her ruling.

“One can only assume that the argument is something to the effect that if my sister is actively engaged in a cause, I cannot be impartial,“ Gardner continued. I for one don’t think she can be impartial even if she wasn’t the sister of the lunatic who lives in a fantasy world where she is the governor of Georgia.  Gardner added, “This argument is mere speculation, unsupported by any facts that would support a finding of partiality.“  I just Googled “who cares what Gardner thinks?” and my name was not in the search results.

Gardner also rejected the suggestion that her sister‘s activism in support of voter registration represented a conflict. She called Abrams‘ connection to the case before her court “extremely remote.”  That’s a joke.  The group that brought the case is heavily funded by her sister Stacey!

Gardner’s latest order represents a significant rollback from her original restriction on Muscogee County, which prevented them from requiring the targeted voters to cast provisional ballots at all.  The original restraining order brought out condemnation from Georgia Secretary of State and drew the attention of figures such as Donald Trump Jr., who called out her connection to Abrams to show her bias.

County officials showed their pleasure with the latest ruling.

“The Muscogee County Board of Elections is pleased that Judge Abrams Gardner’s Order dissolves the previous temporary restraining order and allows the Muscogee County Board of Elections and Registration to resume the use of provisional ballots and its adjudication of the election challenge,” the officials said in a statement. “This is a substantial victory for the Board and demonstrates that the lawsuit is based on a false narrative and that the temporary restraining order should never have been entered.”

The judge’s role in the case has naturally drawn national attention with criticism from top Republicans.

“Stacey Abrams sister is the judge… nothing shady at all here,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted on Wednesday morning. “If it were reversed the Democrats would be screaming for recusal etc. but the GOP won’t because they’re weak.”

Raffensperger pointed out that financial ties between Abrams’ group and Majority Forward was why Gardner should have recused herself.

“That a judge would rule on a case brought by a group heavily funded by her sister is very concerning,” Raffensperger said on Tuesday.

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