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Attacking Trump

Georgia Elections Official, Gabriel Sterling, Fighting To Preserve State For Biden, Past Tweets Show Bias.

Who would have thought that good old Georgia could be as corrupt as they come.

From Governor Brian Kemp, the state legislature to local city councils, the GOP has a significant majority throughout the state.

In spite of this, the past few years has shown weakness in the GA Governors’ mansion.

In July 2019, Georgia’s purchased new Dominion voting systems with touchscreen computers that print a paper record, for $106 million.

Cybersecurity experts and election integrity activists warned that the new machines suffered from many of the same problems as the old ones, including being vulnerable to hacking and advocate for a system using hand-marked paper ballots.

Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had them in place for Georgia’s presidential primaries on March 24, leaving officials roughly eight months to fully implement the system throughout 159 counties.

During this time period Secretary of State Raffensperger, modified state law, illegally, giving in to pressure from far-left activists like Stacy Abram and the Democratic Party of Georgia, Inc.

This Compromise Settlement Agreement and Release (“Agreement”) is
made and entered into by and between the Democratic Party of Georgia, Inc.
(“DPG”), the DSCC, and the DCCC (collectively, the “Political Party Committees”),
on one side, and Brad Raffensperger, Rebecca N. Sullivan, David J. Worley, Seth
Harp, and Anh Le (collectively, “State Defendants”), on the other side.

Georgia election official, Gabriel Sterling, who has been accused of milking Georgia for money through a side business, while taking a paycheck from the state, is a top elections official in Georgia.

On Thursday when a video was produced supposedly showing far-left criminals dragging out hidden “suitcases” or containers of ballots to count in the State Farm Center after they removing all GOP observers Sterling tried to claim this was the standard operating procedure.

Gabriel Sterling earlier last week lashed out at President Trump and his supporters after a Dominion operative was allegedly caught on video downloading files from a USB during ballot counting.

According to Gateway Pundit

Gabriel Sterling is a corrupt operative.

What is he hiding?

And now there is proof that Sterling had it out for Trump.
We know this because he tweeted about it.

In February 2016 Sterling tweeted out that Trump must be stopped!

And in April 2016 Gabriel Sterling admitted he was #NeverTrump

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