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Attacking Trump

Gen. Flynn First Televised Interview Since he was Named to Trump Administration

Decorated three General Mike Flynn joined Lou Dobbs for his first interview, on Wednesday, to talk about a variety of issues including the 2020 Presidential election , and four years of political persecution due to the actions of former President Barack Obama.

“You inspire deep fear in the Deep State and the Obama administrations,” Dobbs said to Flynn.

Here is partial transcript of the interview:

“Something is clear that the prosecution of Genera Flynn is a reminder of something is clear that the outgoing team worked to under the the peaceful transfer of power and attacked the incoming team, including Flynn.

Flynn called in and said Dobbs had been relentless in the pursuit of truth, my faith of God is that he is an amazing strength and light. Since we were 13 years old, I have long time friends and the outreach by Americans gives me the relsilane to fight truth this and I appreciate the that the President gave me a pardon of innocence, because that is what it is. We prayed over it and came to the conclusion that taking the pardon would be the right thing to do because the judicial system would not work properly and thank you to President trump for coming through. This was a political prosecution of the higher order and no American should have to go through it.

At the end of the day people want me to say if I am upset with the white house of Trump, this was a set up and with the former administration, it was a set up by them, everyone knows that. It has come out great warrior fighting spirit of Sidney powell. The country should never be usurped by law enforcement ever again, the country has been damaged by this [corrupt actions] and we are feeling the pain in this election.

They did not want me standing next to Donald Trump in the early days of his administration’s, I know how things work in the Nations Security systems, the transition Dear Lear Kim Jun un, and Mike Flynn it is laughable but also serious, and I would ask him if I ever see him: Why? He said I was public enemy one and more will come out about that, it is a part of history and part of my story.

I have a great network around the country of friends who are around the country and we are trying to figure out what happened, whe ave a crisis of confidence and people gave up their lives for one person one vote, nin 200 we are worried with country and now we have problems in hundreds of counties. In 6-8 states, I am watching the hearings, and remember that igeriosu corrupt and criminal behavior, Americans are giving great testimony at these hearings with Giuliani. The American public has close to zero confidence, they have lost fant in the Justice system now, and we can not have that. People are witness are in ICU, house broken into, car broken into and threats. Had to move and change her phone number, and these people are being brave. People we know reported things to the FBI and ver heard back from them.

Elections should not be decided in the courts. At the end of the day, they need to be decided by the people. The Governors of the states are going to have to have the guts to say they will have a fair election process of they are not. We are a Constitutional Republic.”

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