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Gay Couple Sue Fertility Clinic For Giving Them A Girl After they Ordered a Boy


Imagine agreeing to be the surrogate for a couple who couldn’t have kids only to be objectified and mocked when the baby turned out to be the ‘wrong gender’.

To top that off, the couple is currently suing the clinic because they never wanted a girl.

A lawsuit was filed by a gay married couple, Albert and Anthony Saniger, against a fertility clinic and a fertility specialist because, though they specified that they wanted two boys, they received a girl. From CBS-LA:

The Sanigers, married in 2013, dreamed of having two children, both sons, the suit states. Before they were wed, the couple chose first and middle names for their future sons in May 2015 and created Gmail accounts for their future offspring with their first and last names, according to the lawsuit.

Throughout the process, the couple was explicit with HRC and Kolb that they wanted only male embryos transferred to their surrogate and the defendants represented that the Sanigers would get to select the exact embryos, which had an identified gender, to be used in each transfer, the suit states.

Instead, the suit states, HRC and Kolb “negligently, recklessly, and/or intentionally transferred a female embryo to the Sanigers’ gestational carrier.” . . .

The Sanigers’ daughter was born in 2021, the suit states.

Notice how quickly the suit takes the child from being the couple’s hopes and dreams to being just an ’embryo’.

I reported on a similar case involving a lesbian couple suing after being forced to raise a son when they only wanted a girl.

I don’t know if these clinics are promising to produce specific genders but my God, this new trend is so sickening to me.

They’re babies, not designer handbags…

There are families out there that would just be happy for a healthy baby, of any gender. Meanwhile, people are treating children like accessories? Tell me how this makes sense???

[You can read more about the lawsuit: Here]

Erica Carlin
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