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Gaetz, Tucker BLAST RINO GOP Leader McCarthy For His Shameless Defense of Fellow RINO Sellout Liz Cheney Following Release of New Audio (VIDEO)

There is even more proof that Kevin McCarthy is a closet Democrat just like his predecessors, John Boehner and Paul Ryan. Not only did he claim he was going to ask Trump to resign, but he wanted social media to censor true conservatives, while he defended Liz Cheney. Of course, he brags that he didn’t ask Trump to resign and that’s the first time I’ve heard of someone bragging because they were a cowardly cur.

Rep Matt Gaetz and Tucker Carlson put McCarthy on blast for his defense of RINO Liz Cheney. After Cheney voted for impeachment, Gaetz called her anti-Trump, which McCarthy labeled a threat and he pondered whether the offending conservatives could be banned by social media.

Yesterday, McCarthy tried to defend himself over the recordings and the fact he was caught in outright lies. But, that’s not the most shameful part. The most shameful part was all of the GOP Reps who cheered this RINO. The conservative agenda can never54 be instituted as long as RINOs McCarthy and McConnell rule. If they get elected to their leadership posts, the Democrats will have already won.

From the leaked audio:

Kevin McCarthy: “The other thing I want to bring up, and I’m making some phone calls to some members. I just got something sent now about NewsMax – something Matt Gaetz said where he’s calling people’s names out, saying “anti-trump” in this type of atmosphere and some other places. This is serious stuff people are doing that has to stop. Ok, what did Gaetz say?”

Aide: “Hi, yeah, Gaetz said… Gaetz brought up Liz [Cheney] specifically. I just saw that on Twitter.”

McCarthy: “And Adams. Someone just sent it.” Gonzalez just sent it to me so I’m calling Gaetz. I’m explaining to him [that he has to stop]. I don’t know that he has much to say, but I’m going to have some other people call him too. But the nature of what – if I’m getting a briefing, I’m going to get another one from the FBI tomorrow. This is serious sh*t, to cut this out.”

Steve Scalise: “Yeah that’s, I mean it’s potentially illegal what he’s [Gaetz] doing.”

McCarthy: “Well, he’s putting people in jeopardy and he doesn’t need to be doing this. We saw what people would do at the Capitol.”


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