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Funder of Clinton Foundation Committed Suicide, Children Fight for His Estate

A $590 million fortune is at stake with the death of millionaire Steve Bing, and it is has exposed a family war, with the Grandfather enraged over whether Steve Bing’s two children – a son with actress Liz Hurley and a daughter with tennis player Lisa Bonder – will inherit the family wealth. Bing was the child of Dr. Peter Bing, a physician who “specialized in public health,” according to the Chicago Tribune. His grandfather, Leo S. Bing, was a prominent New York real estate tycoon who amassed a sizable fortune and left $600 million for Steve to inherit on his 18th birthday, Bing spent a lot of his wealth on the Democrat party, and left money to the Clinton Foundation in his will. Tom Fitton, the President of Judicial Watch a Citizen watchdog group posted about Bing and talked about their FOIA lawsuit against the Clinton Foundation. “We are glad Congress is on the case,” Fitton said in June. 

Steve Bing left a sizable amount of his money to the Clinton Foundation sources say anywhere from 10 to 500 Million, to benefit his good friend, Former President Bill Clinton, and Bing’s children are in court Thursday to get a court decision on the matter.

LA Times reported on Bing’s death in and said,”Bing’s death shook the expansive and interconnected worlds of entertainment, Democratic politics and social activism in which he loomed large. Bing was a friend of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and a major donor to the national Democratic Party and numerous progressive causes.

Daily Mail said in an exclusive article that ,”Steve Bing disinherited his two kids Damian Hurley and Kira Kerkorian in his will, as his daughter fights for control of his estate which is valued at just $337K – after Hollywood producer jumped to his death from his 27th floor apartment

  • The Hollywood movie investor had received a $600 million inheritance from his grandfather when he turned 18
  • However, court papers reveal his estate is valued at just $337,000 -although properties aren’t included
  • Bing also had a trust established in 1983 – President Clinton’s Foundation was listed as a beneficiary
  • He had his will drawn up in 2001 – before he knew Kira had been born and while Hurley was pregnant
  • Still, he wrote: ‘It is my intention not to provide in this Will for such child'(or any other child as to which I may be the father)’
  • Now, Kira is attempting to be made administrator of her late father’s estate 
  • She also wants to be made special administrator so she can fight a $7M lawsuit that was filed against Bing in April – a judge will rule on the matter on Thursday

The multi-millionaire committed suicide aged 55 in June, jumping from his 27th floor apartment in Los Angeles – days before the year anniversary of his 28-year-old girlfriend’s death who died from a drug overdose. Bing’s name has also been loosely tied to the flights to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island” with Clinton in one New York Post article.

The Clinton Foundation is a scandal ridden enterprise that rose to enormous wealth, prestige and power when Democrat Hillary Clinton was a member of the Barack Obama administration as Secretary of State. The foundation, while neck deep in corrupt behavior, has yet to be fully investigated for improper influence peddling, tax evasion or money laundering, although the American people are highly suspicious of the foundation.

Associates of the Clinton family have a high number of suicides and unfortunate relationships.

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