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FREE SPEECH?: In Raleigh NC People Hang Trump Signs in Trees to Prevent Vandalism-Numerous Storys of Intimidation

The 2020 Presidential election has seen one party constantly intimidated and harassed for outward support of their candidate, and it is not the party of Democrat Joe Biden.

The North Carolina Paper has numerous stories of arrests made over stolen Trump signs. Just last week the News and Observer reported on a case:

“A traffic stop in North Carolina led to dozens of stolen campaign signs for President Donald Trump, officials say.

A car was pulled over for speeding when state troopers spotted several political signs, the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office said Monday in a news release. In all, 66 signs in support of Trump were found, according to deputies.

Now, two 18-year-olds face charges in connection with the case.

Trinity Rose-Graham and Sasha Stukov-Taylor were each charged with misdemeanor stealing and removing political signs and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to the sheriff’s office. They are set to appear in court next month, state records show.”

Stealing signs is a tactic to intimidate people.

CBS 17 reported in Willmington NC:

“Many people are showing support for candidates with signs in their yards, but some aren’t staying put.

“The minute we put one up, about two days or three days later one was taken,” said Amy Byers.

Byers lives in the Forest Hills neighborhood in Wilmington. She’s been displaying campaign signs since August and she says at least five have been stolen.

She says a sign was stolen Sunday night so she replaced it with two more on Monday and put them closer to her home.

But on Tuesday morning, she says the signs were gone.

“It shocked me because they were practically at our front door.”

Also, a large flag was ripped from her gate — closer in their yard than the front door, leaving the gate damaged.

That’s when Byers filed a police report.

She says she’s feeling unsafe in her own home, but she isn’t giving up.

“Fear is the absence of faith and I’m not going to let fear control me,” Byers said.

With a firm belief in freedom of speech, Byers said she is sending a message.

“I’m going to make a sign that says, ‘you can steal my sign but you can’t steal my vote.’ And that’s really what my stance is, Byers said.”

Campaign signs supporting President Donald J. Trump, which are protected by law, have been desecrated, removed and destroyed around the country, and that includes the capital city of Raleigh North, Carolina. It is common to see Trump signs bunched up, ripped, torn or lying flat on the ground in this area.

I took this footage while out on Saturday, someone solved a problem and hung their sign in the trees.

Looking around Facebook are quite a few stories about Trump supporters having their signs vandalized and stolen.

One man painted an endorsement of Trump on his barn, because his lawn sign kept getting stolen.

“hose that preach “tolerance” have stolen 3 “Back the Blue” signs that voice support for Law Enforcement and now vandalized 2 “Trump” signs that were put out this morning. I am heartbroke for our country when there are some that refuse to debate differences, but rather want to destroy those that disagree with them. We need civil discourse in order to further our nation. We do not need violence or destruction of “The other side.” Pray for the United States of America. A great moving of God is our only hope!,” Matthew Wooton wrote.

Trump supporters are keeping track of how many signs they have put up in replacement.

People even make videos of thieves taking signs off of private property:

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