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FREAK OUT! Will Johnson Talks To Escalated And Emotionally Violent NRA Protestors [VIDEO]

Last week, the founder of Unite America First, Will Johnson, attended the controversial National Rifle Association’s convention in Houston Texas and interacted with the leftist protestors.

“You have blood on your hands,” one woman screeched and yelled at Johnson through clenched teeth and sounded as if she was getting ready to attack him.

Johnson asked the protestors about their thoughts and ideas on how to solve the problems they had with gun ownership, which they equate with gun violence.  Some of them got hysterical when he asked questions about their thoughts.

“No solution is perfect but disarming everyone is not going to help anything, based on history,” Johnson said to an escalated crowd, who were unable to regulate their emotions as they were screaming and yelling at him in response.

“You are not going to stop violence with lack of gun ownership,” one man admitted, saying that we would get knife violence, but that violence would result in less death. “The NRA used to be about safety training before someone could get a gun,” the protestor said to Johnson.

Johnson countered most protestors with talk about self-defense in stopping the criminal- which represents the majority of Americans.  The people listening to the exchange screamed at him again.

Quite often, Johnson’s questions of the left’s talking points escalated and triggered the people who were gathered there in opposition to gun safety training organization.

The controversy of the NRA was escalated by the recent rampage of a severely mentally ill teenager in Uvalde Texas, who tragically shot to death an elementary school room full of children and their two teachers.

Never allowing a crisis to not be politicized- the radical Marxist left community organizers seized the opportunity of the tragic deaths to exploit what they see as the political support of gun ownership and targeted the NRA again- as is the left’s MO when shootings happen.

The left will disgustingly politicize anything they believe will deliver more political power to their idols.  Numerous leftist women took the opportunity to scream about what they believe are barriers to free abortions- oddly enough when screaming about access to guns- which made them mad because children might die- they screamed about not being able to kill more babies.

We can not make this up.

Unbeknownst to the progressive left who were there that day to protest- the NRA is a gun safety advocacy group that promotes self-defense for minorities and women- and all kinds of men too, and the mass murderer was not a member of the NRA.

So the ‘NRA protest response’ by the Marxist left to react to the murderous shooting deaths of children in school- at the hands of a mentally ill young man – is in itself a form of madness.

Johnson brought up the 52 Million of babies who were aborted, since the leftist women wanted to talk about abortion so much,  and then the same leftist women conveniently responded that they refused to engage on that topic.

“How about those deaths?” Johnson said.

“We are not going to talk about that,” they told him.

“Why aren’t their lives as important?” he asked. The women walked away.

“Do you want to protect life? I am confused. The whole point is to save lives, right?” he asked.

“We are talking about gun control,” the radical women said who gathered back around him, and started screaming at him again.

“Shut up, you are harassing us.  Get out of America,” they screamed at him.

“They go haywire when you talk about innocent life that is killed. This White lady told me I need to get out of America,” Johnson said as a protestor was hitting him with a sign.

They are really not right in the head. Consider this:

NRA Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization, provided a means to raise millions of dollars to fund gun safety and educational projects of benefit to the general public. Contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible and benefit a variety of American constituencies, including youth, women, hunters, competitive shooters, gun collectors, law enforcement agents, and persons with physical disabilities.

The Marxist left, who are protesting the NRA- a group that is dedicated to gun safety- remember that when watching this:

The video opens with the childish chat heard by a small crowd of women, “Hey, Hey NRA- how many kids have you killed today?”

Johnson found an attendee of the convention and asked him about his experience inside the convention. “It was a very orderly meeting, ” the man told Johnson.

“But they said that people were going to be hurt by guns in there,” Johnson said to the man, asking for his opinion about why the left says that guns hurt people.

“The people behind me need a mental health check before they can own anything,” Johnson said, referring to the illogical people who were there to protest the convention.

“We need to defund the police first. That is a problem, and until I have control over my body no one should be allowed to own a gun,” a woman told Johnson.

“The NRA shouldn’t have this much power over the government.  The same NRA that is today armed Black Americans against the KKK, and for some reason, that story gets slipped away and no one talks about it,” Johnson said. “As Black people, we should be able to protect ourselves.”

Talking to Black protestors spoke to another  Black woman about the history.  “They were formed in 1871 and armed Black people against the KKK”, he said. “This is right now.  The Black people who died were innocent and not armed.”

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