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Fraudulent Georgia Ballots Were Addressed to Elections Consultant Dwight Brower – The Same Guy Who Reported the Fake Water Main Break and Then Terminated Election Whistleblower

If you were going to investigate just one person in the massive fraud known as the Georgia Presidential Election, it should be Dwight Brower, who seems to be in the middle of everything crooked in Fulton County.

As you already know, it was Fulton County that pushed also ran Joe Biden into the lead in Georgia. The more we know, the worse he looks.

The first dishonest thing that came out of Fulton County is the lie about the burst water pipes that miraculously healed itself so that it required no repair work order. That bought them the time to manufacture ballots putting Biden in the lead.

When whistleblower, Bridget Thorne, issued an affidavit detailing the fraud she witnessed as a poll watcher in Fulton County, Brower quickly fired her to prevent her watchful eye during the two Senate runoff elections.

The Democrats just simply could not afford to get caught again.

She may never be allowed to work in elections in the future. Let that be a warning to all honest poll watchers everywhere.

Corinne Murdock at the Tennessee Star reported some other news about Brower.  On December 17th she reported:

The Fulton County whistleblower who alleged improper ballot processing in an affidavit was removed from working as a poll manager or in any polling positions for the runoff election. It is unclear whether this decision will extend to future elections.

The affiant, Bridget Thorne, appeared on Fox News earlier this month to discuss her allegations of improper vote processing…

…Fulton County Elections Consultant Dwight Brower signed off on the letter. On election night last month, Brower was one of the officials that told reporters that a hours-long counting delay was due to a burst water pipe.

“There was a pipe that burst in the room where we actually had ballots; thank goodness that none of those ballots were damaged,” Brower told The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Subsequent reports from other officials discovered that a pipe hadn’t burst, as election officials originally claimed.

The latest item we found out about Brower is that the fake ballots received in Fulton County were sent to his attention.

The leftover fake ballots were then sent from Fulton County by armed guard were sent to Sheriff Jackson where they were shredded to hide the proof. That is known as obstruction of justice.

Those ballots were sent to Fulton County by Runbeck Election Services with close ties to the Democratic Party. They are located in Maricopa County Arizona, where there was much voter fraud alleged to have taken place.

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