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FOX NEWS: Biggest Loser of the 2020 Election

Fox News network made a heralded promise that they would be responsible with their reporting on “calling states” for one candidate or the other, luring viewers to stick with them after months and months of anticipated anxiety over the results of the election.

And within a few hours of the tallies coming in from states, event to the point of Chris Wallace conceding that it looked like Trump had won, Fox News started to perform the most illogical of acts, rushing to give victories to Democrat Joe Biden like Arizona, and refusing to give victories to Trump that were clear, like North Carolina.

In fact, Fox News giving Biden the state of Arizona and holding back North Carolina is the reason for the media outlets to be calling the entire election for Joe Biden. It appears as if Fox News had a plan to assist Biden.

That is when their viewership really bagan to fall away.

Even thought Fox had promised they would be fair, it appears they were being a little “creative” with the news.

Variety News reported on the anticipated ratings drop, however blamed “return to normal” as the reason he felt people whuld start turning out.

In his article, Fox News’ Ultimate Boss Suggests News Ratings May Fall Post-Election Brian Steinberg, wrote:

“Sean Hannity may not be worried about the 2020 election — if he is, he hasn’t said it on his Fox News Channel show — but his ultimate boss has indicated media investors might have some cause for concern.”

“The executive who has the final oversight of Fox News Channel suggested Tuesday that the surge in audiences enjoyed by news networks may fall noticeably after the 2020 election — a development that could have ramifications for some of the nation’s biggest media companies.

“I would expect that as we enter a more normal news cycle, which will happen eventually, that appetite for news will shift,” said Lachlan Murdoch, executive chairman and CEO of Fox Corporation, during a Tuesday call with investors. Fox, he added, would focus on keeping its share of viewership, so that it could continue to maintain leverage in the advertising market and wield influence with its audience and newsmakers.”

Many former viewers believe that Fox News was actually planning on hurting President Donald J. Trump’s chances and members of Trump’s campaign staff agree.

According to Daily Caller:

“President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner did call Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch to complain about the Arizona call, the network’s Howard Kurtz confirmed Sunday.”

Former Fox viewers were confronted with the fact that there was some intense pressure to help Joe Biden win, as in this daily mail article, which add credibility to the idea that Fox News had a plan to help Biden:

One Trump supporter reacted to the daily mail story and posted on Twitter, “FOX News is dead—Heir’s Wife Kathryn Murdoch Calls Trump a Dictator, Tweets out, “We Did It!” After FOX News Declares Biden Winner!”

Viewers began turning Fox Off:

According to Newsmax, Fox News lost a great amount of viewership from the base of Trump:

“It is official. Newsmax TV surpassed both Fox Business and CNBC in daytime ratings the day after Election Day.

Nielsen reported Wednesday that Newsmax drew 287,000 average viewers per minute in the key daypart 9am to 4pm, outpacing CNBC with 285,000 viewers and Fox Business with 281,000.

Newsmax also outpaced Fox Business in primetime, with 205,000 viewers compared to 138,000.

The Nielsen rating only tells part of the story. OTT viewership on platforms like YouTube added an additional 100,000 per minute live viewers tuned into Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

Read Newsmax: Newsmax TV Surpasses Fox Business, CNBC in Key Ratings
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Newsmax covered the story of Judge Jeanine Pirro, a favorite of the Deplorable Trump base, being fired by Fox News on Saturday, hours before her show, showing a great betrayal to her viewers.

Fox News is now among the many other news networks, in the minds of many Americans, who push out wreckless information such as they did on election eve about the Democrats holding their majority in the US House of Representatives.

“Beclowing” is the perfect word for what Fox News has become in the minds of many Americans.

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