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Found at Valdosta Georgia Trump Rally: The People’s Line in the Sand- VIDEO

President Donald J. Trump had a rally in Valdosta Georgia on Saturday at the Valdosta Regional Airport, and it has become of the focus of the entire country as election integrity issues have heated up in the state, and while Georgia prepares for statewide runoff to be help on Jan. 4th.

Trump had set the tone for the rally earlier in the week, however more than likely the attendees at the rally already knew they would be focused on voter integrity surrounding the 2020 Presidential election.

The crowd was very angry with Fox News, with mainstream media in general and they were ready to fight with the “National Press”:

The rally was intended to support two Republican candidates who face a runoff:

However, the runoff is not the focus of the majority of the attendees. Most people who attended the rally had President Trump on their minds, and they want him to hear him say he was going to continue to fight for their votes, and they wanted him to feel their support of him. Numerous people told me they attended the rally so President Trump would feel supported.

“I didn’t want to have a rally to help other people. These rallies are hard to do, and expensive, but I did it,” Trump said in his customary wit.

The truth is that people support the Republicans in Georgia right now because Trump is asking them to do that. Most people I spoke to were not GOP members and didn’t see the party in a positive light, saying that the Republican Party was not fighting for them.

Here is some great footage that shows the spirit of the attendees:

The Atlanta City Journal published an article on Saturday titled, Trump’s visit holds promise, peril for Georgia Republicans, and that is how many Republicans feel; however that does not reflect the thoughts of Trump supporters, who appear to have had more than enough of both of the political parties.

What is the future of politics in America with both parties refusing to represent the Trump movement? These are some of the answers I found after discussions with as many people as I had time to talk to.

The Conservative Populist movement is disorganized at the moment, but President Trump is their beacon, and they will respond boldly and quickly. Most people said they didn’t want to volunteer much of their time for the GOP, but for Trump, they would sleep on the ground, stand in line, and drive across the country because they see Trump as one of them. At the rally said, many people said Trump is a hard worker, a Christian, and an American, and he liked making money from his own hard work. He understood the mind of the Truckers, Farmers, Christians, and the Father of the Homes who wanted to protect their families

Here are some photos I took for some future stories. I interviewed several people who had driven from Pennsylvania, Arkansas. Florida and Ohio to be at the rally. The main concern was a stolen election, the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in the Democrat Party, and even in the Republican party.

Many people were furious with the media and with the Republican Governor, Brian Kemp.

Vernon Jones, a Democrat in the Georgia State House, warmed the crowd up with a prayer and speech. Jones is a popular speaker and was interviewed by Right Side Broadcasting and other media.

Jones was well received:

Groups of people who had traveled from across the country slept in tents the night before the rally. One group I spoke to was a church group from Pennsylvania and led by the sun of Pastor Moon, who was released from a Communist Labor Camp to the Unites States. Their support of President Trump comes with high hopes of eradicating Communism in the United States.

Much of the loyalty for Trump comes with profound personal connections to him personally. Many rallies said attendees felt that Trump was protecting their religious freedom, and he understood them.

These days Americans will go to great lengths to feel understood.

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