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Former Russian President Medvedev Takes Swipe At Biden: US Should Not Be ‘a final refuge for those who are gradually slipping into senility’

On Wednesday, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who now serves the Rodina as Deputy Chief of the Russian Security Council, made a dig on US President Joe Biden when he said that the United States should become a “responsible superpower” and not a refuge for people suffering from dementia.

“While the US establishment wants Russia to collapse, Russia wants to see the United States a strong and smart country rather than a final refuge for those who are gradually slipping into senility,” Medvedev said in a post on the encrypted messaging platform Telegram, according to a translation by Russian news agency Tass.

Now, wait just a cotton-picking minute. Joe Biden may be a doddering old senile fool, but he is our doddering old senile fool, and no Russian government lackey is going to get away with that! Just because every time Biden enters a room he looks like a drunken old man who is searching for the restroom doesn’t give Medvedev the right to insult the rest of us.

Remember, Medvedev is the guy that former President Barack Obama told on the stage at a Nuclear Security Summit through a hot mic to tell Vlad that after the election, he would have more flexibility to do Putin’s bidding to sell us out. Medvedev understood the message and said he would let Putin know. Unbelievable!

Remember this?

Medvedev was pushing back on US sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by insinuating that the US is not a “responsible” nation that “seeks to solve its numerous domestic problems instead of undermining the development of other countries.”

Only a Russian could scold a country for undermining the development of other countries for sanctioning them for undermining the development of other countries by invading them.

“All this is possible unless you believe that the US president’s name is Volodymyr Zelenskyy and keep asking your aides if the correct spelling is Iraq or Iran,” he taunted, poking fun at the presumed dominance of American politics by Ukraine’s president, and Joe Biden’s confusion of Iran and Iraq in his first State of the Union address.

Medvedev has been doing a lot of solids for Vladimir Putin, acting as a Russian Pit Bull for the last several weeks, doing things like threatening nuclear war if the Western countries push his puppet master too hard. He was the guy who, after the first set of sanctions were imposed on Russia when the current invasion of Ukraine started, said that it was time for Russia to break all diplomatic ties with the West and to “padlock the embassies.”

Last Thursday, Medvedev said, “Russia has the might to put all our brash enemies in their place.” LOL

On Monday, Medvedev wrote an essay branding Poland as an “evil, vulgar and shrill critic of Russia” that is being run by “imbecilic vassals” of the US.

Oh, I don’t know. You invade a country, subject the people to the horrors of socialism for numerous decades, and now the neo-Soviet wannabes can’t understand why Poland doesn’t trust Russia to not go nuts with power again. Sounds to me like a rational sense of security coming from the Polish people.

Medvedev showed how the victors get to write history by calling the Poland a nation of ungrateful people who “dream about forgetting” that the “Soviet soldiers who defeated fascism and expelled the invaders from Polish cities,” during WWII. He forgot to mention that part about the Soviets forcing communist forms of socialism on their Polish subjects as they “saved” them from the left-wing fascist Nazis.

“The Fascist occupation is openly equated with the Soviet. It is difficult to come up with a more deceitful and disgusting rhetoric, but the Poles succeed,” he argued.

“The interests of the citizens of Poland have been sacrificed to the Russophobia of these mediocre politicians and their puppeteers from across the ocean with clear signs of senile insanity,” he fumed, ridiculing Biden’s mental cognitive decline. Medvedev would know about dealing with puppeteers being a puppet himself.

The Putin puppet then threatened Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki for going along with the “de-Russification of the Polish and European economy,” and warned that Poland opposing Moscow “may be costly” and could destroy the country’s “tranquility.”

I think Medvedev would do well to read Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends and Influence People,” because he doesn’t understand that our country gets its strength not from the leaders in charge, but by the will of the American people. This is why Americans allowed a doddering old senile fool to steal an election, knowing that we would still be the most powerful country on earth.

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